I Love the Man in Brown

Because he brought me the goodies I ordered for enameling on copper. Well...it isn't all just for enameling. But if I wanted enamel discs larger than 1/2" diameter, I needed a larger disc cutter. If I wanted to be able to dap larger shapes cut with a saw, I needed larger dapping tools. It really is never ending! But now I'm set up for a little while at least.The reason I "needed" all this stuff? Because I want to continue making cool stuff like this necklace I made in the Susan Lenart Kazmer class.


Copper Diem

Ooooh, looks like fun!


I love the Man in Brown also, my husband, not so much! :) Have to say, looks like great fun about to happen.


Can't wait to see what you make! That pile of stuff looks very intimidating to me, but I'm sure you will be showing us some beautiful pieces in no time! :)

Kim V

Yay!!! Have fun playing with them!! Can't wait to see what you do!

Carol B

ooh la la! I love those larger dapping tools.

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