If the studio is a dungeon, audiobooks are the jailer

I am not particularly good at lampworking before about 2pm. It takes me that long to fully wake up and start feeling the mojo. However. With the current schedule, that will not get a booth filled for Bead Fest.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]Morning light view of the neighbor's boats with the sun rising in the background.[/caption]   For example, here's yesterday's schedule: 6:30am-wake up. Drag kids out of bed. 7:50am-leave the lake house in Angola for downtown Ft Wayne. 9am-drop daughter off at camp 9:10am-drop son off at bus station 9:35am-arrive at our Ft Wayne house (which is where my studio is located) 10am-ideally? start torching! in actuality? Scan facebook, blog, play with the dogs, do a few chores, look at the veggie garden...etc etc. 3:30p-shut down the torch, bleed the line, put the kiln in ramp down mode, leave the house 4p-get daughter 4-6p-get a snack and wait around for daughter's play rehearsal to start (located a few blocks from camp) 6:30p-meet son and husband for sushi 8p-get daughter from rehearsal and take her to a medieval dancing thing a few blocks away at the main library. 9p-leave library and get dinner for her. 10p-arrive back at the lake house. Do some reading and collapse into bed. As you can see, being disciplined during the hours available to torch is kind of really important. I have found the best way for me to be productive is audiobooks. I'm currently on the second book of the Game of Thrones series

Game of Thrones

It took me awhile to get into the first book in the series, but it has my attention now. And since I only allow myself to listen while working or in the car while driving, it motivates me to get to work.

Using the Audible App on my iPhone has been the best method of listening to audiobooks. I can take my book with me anywhere and listen anytime. The Audible account is mine, but my family has all downloaded the app onto their various devices...phones, iPods, and iPads. We can each download any of the books I've purchased on the account and listen to them when we want. It saves the location where we stopped listening each time. I personally love it. My husband was the last to start using it, but ever since I set it up for him, he listens in the car and has told me how much he loves it (I've even caught him sitting in the driveway listening in his car to "finish a chapter").

If you look at my stats, you can tell when I'm getting ready for a show. My last show was the first week in April. After that I spent the spring and summer as my daughter's minion.

My Audible Stats

I recently made an impulse purchase of an iHome stereo system. I got mine on sale at Target for $60. It's purple instead of boring black. I didn't expect much for the $60 price tag.

iHome stereo system

However, it's been wonderful! It's loud and clear enough to hear over the noise of the torch, the exhaust fan, the oxygen concentrator, and the kiln. Plus it charges my phone at the same time. Not only do the audiobooks help me keep working, but I get to "read" so many more books than I would otherwise. In fact, I would never pick up Game of Thrones to read with my eyes.

Do you listen to audibooks? What are some of your favorites? Or do you prefer music? Television?


Linda Landig

I usually listen to music, but I think audio-books is an excellent idea. I used to listen to them when I was commuting. I'll have to start using them for studio time. Thanks for the suggestion!

Amy Kuczewski

Favorites? Oh my... I have hundreds of audiobooks now. Charlaine Harris' Sookie series (which is now done *sniff*), anything by Stephen King or his son Joe Hill- his other son Owen King is also a writer but I haven't yet picked his book up, the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz (or really anything by him), JIM BUTCHER'S DRESDEN FILES series (zomg, I ache for a new one every time I finish one), Terry Pratchett for silly fantasy with great humor and appropriate when kids are around, anything by Neil Gaiman especially The Graveyard Book-also appropriate when kids are around, Karen Marie Moning's Fever series (not so appropriate for little ears), tons of romance authors... I listen to 2-3 of them a week if I'm having good torch mojo and sit for hours at the torch. :D

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