If Time Equaled Currency

(You can sign up for the Charm Swap until Aug 28th, theme is laughter, you get charms from other artists and also get to help Beads of Courage so everyone wins!) Last week hubs was channel surfing and came across a movie he had been wanting to watch called In Time, which I had never heard of. So he goes to the On Demand feature of our cable service, finds the movie, and starts watching it. I was sitting with him, not particularly interested. In fact, when I saw Justin Timberlake was the lead character of this movie, I made fun of hubs for wanting to watch a Justin Timberlake movie. He responds with "who's Justin Timberlake?" Sigh. Never mind. Even though I had no interest in watching the movie and was actually reading, the opening sequence caught my attention and I was hooked. The people of Earth did not use money. Rather they all had a countdown clock installed in their arms that measured how much time they had left. Once the clock runs out, they die. And the time on each person's clock is used as currency. It's how they pay their bills, buy groceries, cars and clothes. They can earn time through working, stealing, gambling, being gifted with it. People say things like "she comes from time" rather than "she comes from money". There were ghettos where people literally lived day to day...sometimes hour to hour and didn't make it because they ran out of time. The entire concept just blew my mind for so many reasons that I am still thinking about it a week later. When people spout off the cliche "time equals money," yes, it is true. Sort of. I prefer to think in terms of "opportunity cost". Broken down to its most basic definition, opportunity cost is the "cost" of making a choice over the next best thing....whether that cost is money, time, happiness, etc. Even that isn't quite as concrete as the idea of time=currency (I loved my Microeconomics class in college so much I almost majored in Economics.) If time was our form of currency, would you be doing what you are doing? How would your priorities change? I will be exploring this topic in more depth. I would love to hear what you have to say about it. Leave a comment if you want to express your views.    



I saw this movie some time ago & was surprised. It makes you think for sure.

Cynthia Riggs

I'm surprised there are not more comments. I have not seen (or even heard of) this movie, but it's an interesting concept. I know for sure that if time were currency, I guess I'd need to know how much time I had left, but I would not be doing my "day job". I would be making as much jewelry as I could, before my time was up. And, maybe have more pets in the house to love! (would kitties have time to "spend", too?)

Hmmmm...thanks for giving me something to think about!

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