There are few things in the art world that get people's panties all twisted in a wad as much as the dreaded 4 letter "C" word. Yes, THAT naughty 4 letter swear word: COPY.
One of the cool things about the internet is even if you live in the middle of nowhere with a population of 5 and the other 4 people think you are insane, you can get online and find a community of like minded people to chat with, bounce ideas off of, problem solve with and show what projects you are currently working on. This is all great until someone thinks you have a splendid idea and decides to replicate that idea. Then, to add insult to injury, they decide to sell it. You do not want to be THAT person who copies and gets everyone mad.
I try to find my inspiration OUTSIDE of the lampworking world. I got to play around on the torch a bit this weekend and made two focals that were the direct result of inspiration from someone else, yet bear very little resemblance to the original.
First inspiration is this shank button by Lisa Peters, who is an incredibly talented ceramic artist.
After asking if she minded if I "copied" it in glass (she gave her permission), I came up with this:
Yeah, it pretty much doesn't look anything like the original. I had an idea when I sat down to make it, but it evolved as I worked. Her button was definitely the starting point of this bead. The other side of my bead has a turquoise colored murrini that you can see here: The Gorgons Focal Bead
The second inspiration source is a photo Carol Dean Sharpe took of the first sign of spring...a single dandelion coming up (in her part of the the snow melting is the only sign I have personally witnessed)
Here's the bead I made from the photo. It doesn't really look much like it, but the photo was the starting point for this bead.
You can see more photos here: Dandelions in Spring
Some favorite sources of inspiration are coffee table books, National Geographic magazine, catalogs, fabric, scrapbook papers and pantone color charts. What are some of the things that inspire you?



I love the new work you've been posting. You are always an inspiration!

Jennifer Cameron

thanks Holly! You are so sweet to say that!

Ginga Squid

I really like these - and haven't seen anything like them. I love the contrast between dark/matt and colourful shiny. Plus all the texture - really, really fab!Inspiration for me has to be from stuff underwater (I used to scuba alot) and funny looking plants (I esp like the carniverous varieties).


Very cool work Jen. I'm the happy (and lucky) owner of that button by Lisa, I can hardly wait to see it in person. I love both your beads and think they pay a nice tribute to the original inspiration.


I love how one things evolves and evolves and the idea turns into this brand new creation! Beautiful!


great post Jenn ..mona & the girls ..PS gonna share with our FB crowd ..

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks for the comments everyone.Vicky~I want to possess your level of inspiration. WOW!Grace~you were the one that stole that bead? Just kidding. I am glad you got it otherwise I might not have tried to make it's cousinKim~thank you!Mona~thanks for stopping by and sharing with your FB friends ;o)

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