Interesting Sneak Peek

Remember how I mentioned bringing lots of rings with me to get some "work" done while enjoying the gorgeous view? I've been making a bunch of these chainmaille daisies. Each takes me approximately 40 minutes to make and uses 37 rings. Some are all silver, some all copper, and the majority are a mix of silver and copper. 
However, both kids think I am making toys for them. Each of them has taken turns playing with the daisies, stacking them, arranging them to help me figure out designs for me to use, etc. Well, photo you see pictured above is just hilariously creative. I had to get change for doing laundry today. Unfortunately all I had was a $20 dollar bill. Needless to say, we have lots of left over quarters. DD decided to make "crabby patties" with the quarters and copper daisies. "crabby silver patties" with the copper silver mixed and then "silver patties". I think someone has watched too much SpongeBob...
We woke up to an extra foot of snow this morning. WOW! We can see the roof of Starbucks from our room. Here are some guys on the roof shoveling. I can honestly say I've never seen anyone shovel a roof before.
We have continued homeschooling while here. Part of the schoolwork has been journaling about the trip. DS is journaling about which runs they went on today and checking the map while doing it. He was so concentrated he didn't know I took his picture.
On their way out to the slopes. Look at the snow piled on the pillar thing. Notice the lack of snow on the sidewalk. They must be heated somehow. DD and I drove to the pool and the very short distance was quite treacherous.
Tonight's view from our balcony.  
I am HOPING to make the trip "into town" to visit a bead shop I spied that was closed when we first got here. If I have any luck, I will blog about it tomorrow. 



Wow, that is a gorgeous view! The colors in the last picture are beautiful!


These pics are really good. Like how you took a picture of your son without him knowing, LoL!

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