January Component of the Month REVEAL

It's finally here! Karen made these amazing little pie beads (the link takes you to a description of how she made these sweet things). Ever since I finished my contribution for component of the month, I've had the song "Cherry Pie" by Warrant stuck in my head (yes I am a product of the 80's and Mtv. Yes I remember the very first music video I ever saw..."Rio" by Duran Duran. I was immediately addicted) I've been belting out the chorus to "Cherry pie periodically for about 36 hours or so. My poor 11 year old daughter.... I know you came here to see what I did with the darling pie bead. Here you go:

January Component of the Month Jen Cameron glass addictions

I literally had no idea what I was going to make until the last minute. It came to me without giving much though beforehand. I took copper washers and enameled them in various shades of purple. Why? Because I wanted to. Plus I was going for the whole "pie" theme.  Even though my pie is turquoise and I've never seen a turquoise pie. But what looks awesome with turquoise? Purple. That's what. But then purple looks awesome with everything...

January Component of the Month Jen Cameron glass addictions

So I attached all the enameled purple discs using large-ish sterling silver jump rings. Then I made the toggle. The disc is fine silver fused together then I hammered the crap out of it (cheaper than therapy!) I twisted up some wire into a toggle bar and hammered that too.

January Component of the Month Jen Cameron glass addictions

I decided the bracelet needed "more". More what? Cherries! That's what. Cherries are awesome with pie. These are faceted pearls from a bead soup I received from Kristi Bowman. I decided it still needed more. So I added "berries" that are more sparkly and go by the name Swarovski.

January Component of the Month Jen Cameron glass addictions

All berries are wire wrapped onto the bracelet using headpins I balled up with a butane torch. That is a very fun technique. Perhaps not on the same level as hammering... Visit the other jewelry artists who received these delicious pies to work with to see what they came up with
Hope you have a delicious weekend!



That's beautiful Jen!!! I love the color combos and your enameled rings and the wonderful Faceted Pearls and of course the amazing Karen Totten Focal!!!!


Those faceted pearls truly ARE delicious! I can just imagine you belting out random rock lyrics while hammering metal. Heh Heh. Your bracelet is awesome, I want to hear the noise it makes. Love the color palette!

Karen Totten

This is just fabulous Jennifer!


Yes one of my favorite songs and I love how this all came together!!!

Susan Kennedy

Really love your piece Jennifer! Take it easy today!

Patti Vanderbloemen

Gorgeous color combination! Love your enameled elements...but those faceted pearls really caught my eye! Lovely!


This looks just great, Jen - those faceted pearls are a terrific choice with this, and the colors are perfect. (MMMMMMMM! PIE!!)

Diana P.

That came out really, really cool. I'm going to steal it from you. ::steals your bracelet::

Linda Landig

Gotta watch out for that Diana...she stole my jewelry last month! lol! I think it is cool that you enameled your own links and that toggle you created is gorgeous!

Melissa M

Oooh, Jen, this is so yummy! Love the enameled links, and those gorgeous pearls! The color scheme is amazing as well! Beautiful!

Lesley Watt

Very tasty pie indeed - love the juicy fruit colours and the added sparkle.


I love the color mix you used on this! Absolutely beautiful!

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