January Use Your Stash Design Challenge

We are already 1/12 of the way through 2018 and I'm still not really used to writing 2018 yet...You know how at the beginning of every year all the stores beef up their organizing accessories and plastic bins sections and people all seem to want to organize after the holidays? Well, over at Art Elements, we're considering our readers and their already gorgeous and hidden stash of components. The challenge is open to all participants using any media they prefer. They just have to use some kind of handcrafted art component in their work. 

I didn't get too crazy creative. I've had this polymer clay unicorn from Jenny Davies-Reazor for a looooong time and I finally decided to use it.

Somehow I manage to use bronze and/or a varient of purple in every single bead embroidery piece I make. This time, I went all out and did only purple and bronze because purple and bronze are the best. 

I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted it to be when it grew up, but ultimately decided on a brooch. 

I also started on another cabochon, this time by Lesley Watt, but hated the dagger beads I started adding to the perimeter, so I'm currently stuck at this point in the process because I'm not finding any beads in my stash that I like with it. 

See what other designers have created using their own stashes:


Kelly Rodgers

Sarajo Wentling

Samantha Wescott
Kathy Lindemer
Patty Miller
Linda Landig
Renetha Stanziano

Art Elements:

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Jen Cameron <----You are here!
Claire Fabian
Sue Kennedy

Niky Sayers

Lindsay Starr


Kathy Lindemer

I am inspired by your cabochon designs. I received a cabochon that I just love and this will be the year to create with it. Well done!

Linda Landig

I'm always so impressed with seed beaders and your work is no exception. I love your brooch. And yes, purple and bronze are awesome! I'll be interested to see where you go with Lesley's cab. It is striking!

Diana P.

Awesome job on the bead embroidery. Looking forward to seeing the second piece when it's finished!


I love the unicorn! I already saw it on instagram and it is just so lovely with the contrasting colours of the beads around! Also the challenge is over... so you could get new beads to finish the second piece ;)

niky sayers

I adore the unicorn piece, the beads are just perfect and your stiching is so beautifully neat!

Sarajo Wentling

I love your unicorn brooch! I'm thinking/hoping that this is the year that I learn bead embroidery so I can finally play with all the pretty cabs. I'm sure whatever you end up deciding to do with Lesley's will be lovely!


Purple and bronze are second best - after teal and bronze. LOL. I like the image transfer cabs bc you CAN do any color. It looks great! And the cab of Lesleys? MMMMM> those colors!

Sam Wescott

Your stitch is so damn tidy! It's beautiful! Y=That unicorn brooch is so lovely and I'm sure you'll figure out how to finish up the second one. :D


Love it! Purple and bronze definitely ARE the best. I love the second piece too... If you wanted to stay over in Nashville, we could find the right seed beads at one of the stores in town...I'm certain...

Laney Mead

Now I want to sit and make brooches.. love the top one and the colours in the second.

Cathy Mendola

I just love the purple/bronze beaded brooch. I agree-purple & bronze is the greatest combo! Can’t wait to see what you do with the mandala one.

Susan Kennedy

Well as everyone mentioned, purple and bronze are the cool go to colors so, there you go! Great job on the unicorn brooch. I love it! Love Lesley's cab, hope I get to see it finished!


Purple and bronze are the best! Love the brooch and the design with Lesley's cab is looking gorgeous so far... I imagined petal shaped beads around the edge of that one.

Kelly Rodgers

Sorry for the late comment! I love those cabs and I really love the seed bead matching you did with them. I can't wait to see what you do with that bronze one. Also - funny thing - I have been in "need" of a purple bead embroidery necklace for a while now but everytime I go to create one I somehow get distracted by some other non-purple thing! LOL! I LOVE purple but it sounds like I need some of your purple mojo. lol!

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