Japanese Chainmaille Weave in Technicolor

I've been playing with color this week, and I can't stop. Here's a progress shot of a Japanese chainmaille weave bracelet using anodized niobium rings.

And finished (except for a clasp)

Then I tried making a small component using sterling silver and anodized aluminum.

And I like them so much that they sort of started multiplying....

I think I prefer the rows of color fading rather than one color in the middle and a different color around the perimeter. What do you think?

Each of these components measures about 3/4" x 1 1/8" and would make wonderful links. What would use use them for?



Lovely. I haven't been able to find jump rings like that to try some chainmaille with. As for the components, I like them either way. I think it would depend on what you're doing and going for.


these are just fabulous! Love the bracelet and I agree, I love the way the colours "fade" out.

Susan Kennedy

OOOH, I love that weave! Wish I had time to do more chainmaille, I do love it. I do like the fading colors as opposed to just two-tone, thanks for showing us what you're working on!

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