July Component of the Month Reveal - Fossilized Pebbles

The July Art Jewelry Elements component of the month design challenge was hosted by Lesley Watt, who provided this amazing fossilized pendants. I seriously love these so much and every idea I tried was a total bust and I want it to be PERFECT!!!

I finally came up with something I'm super excited about and had grabbed supplies and tools and threw them into a bag to take the lake to work on yesterday. Except I forgot a couple very vital things I needed. So now I'm working on an alternate idea, but it hasn't quite been completed yet. 

Actually, it's not even close. 

I have an assistant. Unfortunately she is still a newbie and is slowing my progress. A LOT!

I will continue working on my piece, but in the meantime, see what all the other lovely creative people made:



Veralynne Malone

They are cute, but can be a hindrance. It was hard for me to work when my daughter was her with her cats, they want to see what is on my desk....but looking forward to seeing what you create!


Shame about forgetting your stuff... can you blame the assistant?

Susan Kennedy

I had the same issue, I wanted what I made to be perfect and went through several iterations to get to what I made! I can't wait to see what you end up with and I love your little assistant!

alison herrington

Can't wait to see the end result, I like where it seems to be heading! I'm sure you'll knock it out of the park!

Niky sayers

The colours in your ammonite go really well with the copper, I'm looking forward to seeing what you create and what an adorable assistant!

Lori Finney

Love the copper sheet with the focal! Great start!


I look forward to seeing where you go with that. And I look forward to more Luna pix. All day. All the time.

Lesley Watt

Looking forward to see how you develop this and how much help Luna is!


Beautiful work!!

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