July Highlight Reel

I really haven't been a very good blogger this summer. Rare updates. Hardly sharing anything. Barely taking pictures to share with the three people who might be interested... I decided to do one big update. I already updated you on the lake house last week, so I won't talk about that. This week I need to get my bead soup pieces squared away. So far I've made one piece. However, it doesn't use either a focal OR a clasp Lesley sent and the rules are I must use at least one of each (since she sent me two of each because Lesley is so awesome like that). A reminder of the soup I'm working with: Bead Soup from Lesley Watt A few highlights from July: -Daughter's birthday was this past weekend. While I was busy trying to prep for the family coming over Friday for dinner, cake and ice cream, UPS delivered the copy of Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry I ordered from Amazon for my friend Ken Rieves. He was the one who took the photos for me to submit to Lark. Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry You can find the close-up of this necklace on his website under "commercial". You can also get more details about or buy this necklace on Etsy. Page 75 Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry Funny story about the book. When my daughter saw the page with my necklace, she says "Mom, why did you submit that one? It's not even close to your best work." hahaha! The honesty of children. Except I happen to love this necklace. It turned out pretty much how I envisioned and you can wear as many or as few of the pieces as you want. I made it so each one can slide off the wire. [caption id="attachment_1756" align="aligncenter" width="432" caption="The cake is a handmade ice cream cake with 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of mint chocolate chip ice cream...each with 1.5 qt of ice cream. I had multiple issues this time around and so the cake isn't very pretty. But it tasted good"]Birthday Party 2012[/caption] -Saturday was all about the girl child's birthday. She seems to think her birthday is a week long federal holiday. We shopped (I hate shopping!) went to a movie, ate at Bob Evans, opened presents, watched the fireworks show downtown Ft Wayne that signals the end of the Three Rivers Festival, her aunt (my baby sister who is 21) came over to spend the night and hang out with her, and stayed up until like 3am. -In related news, hubs was one of the pyrotechnicians for the Saturday fireworks show. He loved every second of it. If I ever get the video he took uploaded to the computer, I'll share it. -Sunday we went to Indianapolis for a really cool dining experience at the Palomino restaurant that hubs won at an auction that benefit the March of Dimes. The restaurant was closed to the public, and we had a party of 11 of our adult family members (parents, siblings and their spouses). Chef Amanda (the head chef) gave us lessons on how to cook each of the 4 courses. After each lesson we would go sit down and the staff would serve us that course, plus the wine pairing for that course. It was AMAZING. The people were incredible, the food was over the top delicious (crab cakes, gazpacho, tuscan filet steak, glace potatoes, and individual chocolate cakes with melty chocolate in the center), the wine fabulous and free flowing. It's easily one of my favorite experiences. And it just goes to show experiences trump "stuff". -Daughter is becoming quite the actress. She has acted in 2 films this summer (done by a local filmmaker) in two very interesting locations: She was an elf in Mrs Claus is missing (they are practicing their lines before filming in this picture) filmed at the new home of Mark's Ark : Mrs Claus is missing movie scene Santa's workshop was the Reptile House: reptile house at Mark's Ark She was in another film called Calliope at the International Circus Hall of Fame in Peru, IN. I did not even know this place existed....In this film she plays an instigator and tries to talk her sisters into running away to the circus. The location was really neat.  

circus tent taken by Jennifer Cameron

circus tent taken by Jennifer Cameron

Gift shop taken by Jennifer Cameron

Barn by Jennifer Cameron

You can see more photos in my Flickr set. -She is currently rehearsing as Moaning Myrtle for a Harry Potter spoof play in the park. -Hubs also helped set up and fire the Lake James fireworks. The boy child and I watched them from the deck of our currently being built lake house. All those tiny lights to the right are boats watching the fireworks which are being set off behind the trees. Jul 07 2012 Lake James fireworks -On July 3rd, we had our annual bash for friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate Independence Day. It gives hubs an excuse to fire his own fireworks show and to have the entire neighborhood over to witness. Unfortunately, we have been in the midst of a severe drought. The county issued a fire ban, then a fireworks ban just in time to ruin everyone's fun (hubs was rather cranky about it, but got his fill the next night by helping set up for the city's fireworks display). He came up with an alternative plan. LED lights inside helium filled balloons that everyone lets go of at once.

July 4th Party

July 4th Party

We also hired a photo booth to come to the house for 3 hours...which was a total BLAST and worth every penny! People were hilarious and I now have blackmail material because the photo booth ladies gave me a disc with copies of all the photos they took. bwahaha! -We filled out about 500 pages of paperwork for the boy child to go to high school. I still have writer's cramp! -With him going away to high school, we also got a checking account/debit card and a state ID card to keep with him and make it easier for us to get money to him. And come the middle of August, I will be a big globby sobby mess because I will be so sad he's leaving us....so don't count on much from me. Those are just some of the highlights from July....which is flying by way too fast. What have you been up to this month?



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