Just Another Day

Last week I got a another birthday closer to 40. It doesn't bother me. Yet. I don't think it ever will, but who really knows for sure? To me it's just a number and I really don't feel like I thought being close to 40 would feel. Anyway, I'm past the point of having a birthday bash. And honestly, I don't think I could deal with having parties because my birthday falls on the heels of having our annual huge (and getting bigger every year) 4th of July Fireworks bash, my husband's birthday mid July and my daughter's 6 days after his. By the time I have gotten through the ordeal of her parties (because you know she has to have a slumber party AND a family cookout!), I don't want anybody coming over for at least a month (just kidding, Mom!)
My favorite birthday ever was 1999 (sounds like a Prince song...). We were a family of 3 and our son was a 15 month old toddler. We were living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with no family close by and our only friends were work friends that we didn't hang out with much outside of work. We decided to go to one of our favorite area restaurants called The Village Tavern. They sat us on the patio and soon after a live band started playing some great music. There was a wonderful breeze, the food was excellent, and my toddler son ate an entire kids' menu prime rib(!) We followed that up by going across the street to Barnes and Noble and wandering around. I bought a Thesaurus. Then we went home. That's it. But it's the birthday that holds the sweetest memory for me.
In my mind, it's another reason to keep things as simple as possible. This year, my 9 year old daughter made breakfast for me and brought it in on a tray. We hung out. My husband came home mid afternoon with flowers and put them in the crystal vase he bought me at Waterford in Ireland last year:
and a card:
A year ago, if he had bought me this card, I probably would have been really ticked off. However, we've been doing P90X and a couple workouts have this particular pose (except with arms straight up). It's a B*$@&. Actually, I feel that way about most of the workouts. However, yoga is my least favorite and makes me really really really CRANKY. So, when I saw the card, I just cracked up laughing. I love it.
The kids and I went to Borders so they could have their cocoa trios (the drink in the front) and I could have a Tazo tea and browse every craft magazine I could get my hands on.
We went to dinner at Casa Grille at 9pm and practically had the place to ourselves. The four of us laughed so much, tears were freely flowing. We headed home, took a walk, gathered camera stuff and headed out to the country to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers. We spread a couple sleeping bags on the road, and the kids and I lay down to watch. My husband set up the tripod and took photos of the sky. While he didn't catch any meteorites, he did get a decent photo of Jupiter (that really bright "star" in the center):and this really cool photo of all the stars we could see out there.
We didn't get home until after 2:30am and everyone was really tired. However, I think this one ranks very high on my favorite birthdays list.
Hope you are all having a wonderful and creative weekend.


Carol Dean

That sounds like it was a pretty wonderful birthday for you, Jen ;) Much deserved! *hugs*


Jenny, what a great blog!!

Jennifer Cameron

It WAS a great birthday. Thanks CD!Thanks Nic! You were at a birthday or a few back in the "old" days. I could probably dig up a few photos. LOL!

Spirited Earth

that sounds like a great birthday to me..love the photos


Sounds like an awesome birthday! That card is a riot!! LOL! Glad you are doing the P90X still, man are you a trooper or what?? Seeing results I hope. I wish I had known earlier about your birthday though!! ;) I am so glad you had a wonderful day!


I am glad you had a good time. Happy Birthday.


I think the simplest birthdays are the absolute sweetest!!! What a great family day! (oh being over 40 in the birthdays I can tell you its just a number...no big deal!)Birthday Hugs to you!!!!!


Happy Belated birthday...it sounds like it was fabulous!!


sounds like the best birthday ever! Happy belated :)

Pretty Things

I'm 41, and I don't think of it as 41 at all. I feel stuck at 30, which is fine with me! I'm not quite sure why -- maybe because 30 was such a pivotal age. I bought my first house then, and I re-met my husband then (we'd known each other 10 years prior, but didn't date and lost touch). So bring on 40, I say!

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