Lake House Update

Remember when I wrote about buying a lake property way back in December? This is what it looked like then:

Lake PropertyThe property sits on the point of a peninsula and we have 270' of lake front and 1/2 acre of land. The view is incredible and is the main reason we decided to spend more than originally intended. However, because we are building, the house is exactly what we want and was designed to have a view from every single room unlike so many other lake cottages we looked at.

We visit the property to check on the building process at least once a week. It helps keep me excited about the process when I have to deal with all the different vendors, the selections, trouble shooting, making phone calls, driving all over the city to meet with people, driving up to the property to meet with people, dealing with the frustration when things aren't perfect (and yes, I expect things to be perfect). When I visited the house today, I was left so completely pumped...more so than ever before because everything is starting to come together. I thought I would share a couple photos with you. And no, I'm not going to show everything because that might be boring. Of course, if you twist my arm.... Front of the house (we will have eggplant colored shutters on the 2nd floor windows)

Front of house

Back left side of the house. The little room jutting off is a 3 season room and is going to be my favorite room. I will probably spend lots of time making jewelry here

back of house, 3 season room

Back "middle" of the house. The 2nd story deck is outside the master bedroom. Below is the door to the kitchen area. back of house

Back right side of the house:

back of house

The house looks much larger than it is. We worked really hard to have very efficient use of space and views. So the house is very wide, but not very deep. I hate carpet and love hardwoods. However, with dogs, kids, and a lake right outside the door, I knew hardwoods would not be practical. Look what I found at the flooring place:

ceramic tile that looks like aged hardwood

It's ceramic tile that looks like aged, worn hardwoods and I am totally having a love affair with it. It's used throughout most of the house except the kids' bedrooms (they wanted carpet), the rec room, and our bathroom where we opted for a different ceramic tile.

The cabinets were just installed today. Counter top coming later. kitchen

In the photo below I am standing in the 3 season room in this photo looking at eating area (blue wall to right) and the great room. The room beyond the great room is the rec room where we will send the kids to play, watch tv, hang out, etc with their friends. There will be a door we can close great room

That's all the house pictures I'll torment you with today. But I do want to share a couple outdoor photos. Remember that barren island thing in the 1st photo that juts out into the lake (it's a protected wetland thing, but we have lake frontage on either side of it)? I literally gasped when I walked outside the kitchen door and saw this today:


There was a riot of flowers that had bloomed in the last week. I don't know what they are except gorgeous. Do any of you know what they are?




When I told hubs about them and showed him the pictures I took, he asked if that meant he wasn't allowed to clean it up a bit (some areas we can pull weeds, etc). I told him no, probably not if that is what we get to look forward to. ___________________________________________________________



That's amazing, so beautiful!! I love that flooring too, super cool!! You're going to have so much fun there I can tell!


Spectacular! The views alone are to die for. The house is icing on the cake. May you pass many happy memories in that place!

Barbara Lewis

When are you going to be ready to entertain guests? I don't know what your "main" house looks like, but this one is hard to beat! I love the ceramic tiles! ... and everything else for that matter!

Sandi Volpe

Beautiful views, flowers and house, what a great place to spark creativity!!!!

Jane Perala

Beautiful place - cottage? Looks more like a year round dwelling - lucky you!

I think the flowers are Cosmos.


Beautiful and serene! the flooring is ingenious :-D


Your house looks like it will be a paradise! Those flowers, I believe, are hibiscus. My Mom has them in her yard, and they get very large (the size of dinner plates!!) Enjoy!

D Lynne Bowland

We have fake hardwood tiles in a couple of room sin our house too! Love them... House looks beautiful & yes the flowers are cosmos!


What a gorgeous home! My dream is to be able to afford to have a home built so that I can have it just how I want.


Beautiful! Having a lake house is our dream, so I'm thrilled to see yours come to fruition. The flowers you have are called marsh mallows. Originally marshmallows (the s'mores kind) were made from part of the plant, which is in the same family as hibiscus. (See? I'm totally using my biology degree and not just making jewelry!)


That is really cool! Thanks so much for the info. I had NO idea!


Where can we find the ceramic tile that looks like hardwood floor? Would love to use this in my bathroom. Thanks!


We got it at a local tile place. I would start by going to your local flooring places and asking them if they carry anything like that.

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