Lampwork Beaded Jewelry fit for Aliens

I did not forget I promised to show the completed projects from the class I took with Sara Sally LaGrand at Bead and Button. Here they are. Day 1 we made the beads. Day 2 we assembled a corsage brooch of sorts (it makes me think of a corsage an alien might wear) Flickr doesn't cooperate with me very well any more, so try clicking the image to be taken to a larger picture. Or click here to be taken to my Bead and Button photo album.
After we completed the brooch, we started on a neckpiece. We created an armature and wove a thin wire to create that really neat pattern and texture and added in the elements as we wove the wire.


Ginga Squid

Wow - these are FABULOUS!!!!!Great shapes and colours.


WOW!!!!!!!!!! SO COOL!!! Oh, I'd love to see that in person! AWESOME job! :)


That is absolutely stunning Jennifer. You have done an outstanding job with your pieces.I wondered whose beads those were when I saw the group photo on Facebook - that really stood out so vibrantly :)

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks ladies! they were really fun to make and I was so thrilled they actually turned out pretty good. I usually don't expect my things from class to turn out very well. LOL!

Carol Dean

These just scream that you had fun making them, Jennifer! Wonderful pieces :D

Pretty Things

WOWZA! Those are amazing!!!

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