Look at my GLASS

I haven't been this excited to get new glass in a looooong time. I wanted to break it out yesterday as soon as UPS dropped it off. But that whole homeschool thing gets in the way of my playtime and then we had to go to a party. Because my sister in law reads my blog on occasion, she would have known I didn't really have swine flu and made that up so I could torch the evening away with my new sparkly stuff. *sigh* The pretty new glass will have to wait for Saturday.What is this magical glass you ask? It is called Chalcedony and is made by Gaffer Glass. I rarely run right out and buy every new glass that comes out because...welllll...that's expensive and sometimes there is some really crappy glass. I like to let others spend their money first to see what kind of results they get. If it looks cool and gets good reviews, I will probably fork out some bucks for it. Anyway, I can't keep up with all the different glass coming out. But I saw some photos of what people are doing with this glass and WOW!
Admittedly, the glass doesn't look so pretty. BUT it looks like it may be a good replacement for my beloved Terra which is no longer produced. (yes, I always call it beloved Terra. Probably some people think that is the real name. It's only called Terra). It is also a substiture for Raku (R108 Iris Orange) which many lampworkers have a difficult time striking or give up trying because it can be so fussy. This glass is supposed to strike into all colors of the rainbow and I can hardly wait to try it. *sigh*
Wanna see some beads with Terra?

This bracelet uses Raku (R108 Iris Orange-also baby poop brown color in cold rod form)

Stay tuned to see the results!



I can't wait to see what you do with Chalcedony, Jennifer!


Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty! I can't wait for you to try it out! It's always exciting to get something in the mail, you want to just sit right down and play with. Unfortunately, the kids come first for me too, and so my pretties sit for a bit. Can't wait to see what you make! :)


looking forward to your creations...


Oh you are going to love Chalcedony, I can't wait to see what you do with it. When I was told the price here (approx = US$34.00 for 2.2lbs) I didn't hesitate - then thought 'oh what have I done' until it arrived 2 days later....The first play had me realising that for me this would replace a plethora of the silver glasses... & probably curb the impulse to even want most of them.It's Raku with attitude.... on steroids ;o)

Robin Koza

I can't wait to see your beads Jen!! I just bought some of this glass, too. I've seen some pretty beads made with it and I'm dying to give it a try. Please post your results!!

Lara Lutrick

It is lovely glass! I just spent the afternoon playing with it. I got some great beads and some more brown beads. It is fun to play with. You will love it. Deb - it is $60/kg here in USI agree, Terra, is Beloved!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks for all the comments. I really thought I'd have all day to play. But then home improvement projects got started and I didn't make it to the studio until just now (1am Sunday morning). The kids are playing in a piano recital tomorrow, but other than that...Oh wait, we need to finish the project we started. Bummer...Maybe I can sneak away for an hour and DH won't miss me.

glassbead, isinglass design

Oh dear me no, not more cool glass. I wonder how it would work with my trusty hothead???? I'll stay tuned for your review.

Jennifer Cameron

I wish I could test it on a hot head for you, but I don't have one. Maybe someone else who has used it on a HH will speak up?

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