Look what a customer made with my beads!

Kristen Latimer makes GORGEOUS jewelry utilizing lampwork in her designs. You may remember when her studio and work were featured on Open Studio Friday. I really appreciate Kristen for buying her lampwork beads from artisans rather than from mega craft sellers that sell cheap, poorly made import lampwork.
Kristen bought this focal from me a couple months ago and I have been waiting very (im)patiently to see what she does with it. A couple days ago my (im)patience paid off when she unveiled this beauty! She really made that focal look awesome. She might list it in her etsy shop, so keep an eye out and while you're there, check out what other jewels she has available for personal adornment or gift giving.
Also, if you are on Facebook, I highly recommend you become a fan of her page because you will get to see Kristen's designs there before anywhere else and she sometimes has contests just for her fans. In fact, I won the pendant below from her last summer. I meant to show it off here, and totally forgot. I know...I totally dropped the ball on that one! It is so fun to wear, I just love it!



Isn't it wonderful to find out what becomes of your creations after they scatter to the world? Her work is gorgeous, Jennifer, and your bead rocks in her design.

Jennifer Cameron

It is wonderful! I am a bit selfish and want to see what happens more often ;o)

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