Look what a Customer made with my beads!

I have the honor of showing off what a customer made with this set of beads:
Look at these fun and funky earrings created by Jaclyn using 2 of the 6 beads from the set:
Jaclyn also has a blog called Snap, Crackle, Pop in which she told an entertaining tale of how these earrings finally came to be. You really must read it. I totally sympathize with the trials and tribulations of jewelry design and getting it "right"



They are beautiful beads and gorgeous earrings.It must be nice to see what people create with your lovely creations.


Really pretty! I just love seeing how other artists incorporate original work from another artist in their work...especially fun when someone uses my little creations. Joy on three levels...user,creator and buyer!!I know you are proud of your work and the end product!


Thank you so much for the writeup, Jennifer!!

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