Look What Disgusting Thing We Found Today!

Look what I found while walking the dogs this afternoon! It was just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, probably close to frozen. Luckily I am very squeemish about bugs and I picked it up with a leaf-I wasn't about to actually TOUCH it. It was like no other bug I had ever seen before and I really wanted the kids to see it. Besides, my son is supposed to be collecting bugs in his newly built bug barn, observing them, then letting them go to earn his Arrow Of Light for Cub Scouts. So I carried this interesting creature home on a leaf and placed it on the front porch, told the kids to come out, grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. DS got his bug barn and we could barely cram this thing into it. Luckily we had the leaf so no touching was involved. We took it inside and proceeded to google, go to ask.com, etc. No luck figuring out what exactly we had found. I called DH and described it, but he didn't know either. We took a trip to the library and started looking through books about bugs and bug field guides. Voila! There it was...a Wheel Bug. I've never heard of a Wheel Bug. The filed guide didn't have much info about it, so again, we went home and did some online searching. HERE was one of the first sites we came across. I was a little freaked out when I saw it was number 2 on the list of Creepy Things that Bite or Sting.Then there was this site that describes the bite as hurting more than a bee and healing can take several months. YIKES!!! It does look rather dangerous...Anyway, we had a fun day researching out new pet. Yes, he is still in the bug barn. We will let him go tomorrow so he can kill all the other pests around here.


Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs

Wow, Jen, thanks for sharing him. He looks so prehistoric. Please post a picture of the bug barn...I would love to see it.


These bugs are so cool! We had one in our kitchen the other day, but then it died (of natural causes). Glad to know that ignoring it was the proper thing to do. They do look intimidating!

Jennifer Cameron

He does look prehistoric. I kept thinking of a dinosaur or something with that back of spiny thingies.


It kind of looks like a stink bug, which we have here in Pittsburgh. They just started invading us last year, and are getting worse!

Jennifer Cameron

When I first described him to DH, he thought it might be a stink bug as well. But it's not. Apparently the Wheel bug falls under the assassin bug category which makes him sound even that much scarier. LOL!


He is wheely gross, Jen.Thanks for the pictures. I'll be sure to avoid this bug if I come across it in my own yard. Perhaps this bug has inspired you? :-)

Jennifer Cameron

Cute, Stacy! LOL! No inspiration yet. Bugs freak me out too much.

Lo Christine

This is so crazy, my 5 yr old and I were exploring at the park earlier today and saved one of these from the water! We had no idea what it was. . .

Jennifer Cameron

Oh WOW! Hopefully it was appreciative enough not to bite. How did you figure out what it was? I really had no clue we had these prehistoric looking things in FW!

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