Macro vs zoom lens

A few days ago I mentioned one of my two Christmas presents was a macro lens.

Merry Christmas to me (from hubs and the kids) macro lens Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

Yes, I am pretty excited about the possibilities. So I tried it out. I took photos of the same bead. First, the old zoom lens (28-135mm). It was zoomed in all the way with the lens as close as possible to the bead. This photo has not been altered in any way except to resize it.

bead with old zoom lens no editing Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

Clearly I need to have the interior of the camera cleaned (I had no idea it was so filthy!) This was taken with the macro lens, same lighting conditions, as close to the bead as I could get.

bead with macro lens no editing Glass Addictions Jen Cameron

Wow! I am totally excited about this. I was cropping my photos so much that it was destroying the integrity and crispness of the shot. There is a learning curve with this new lens because the settings I'm used to using in certain lighting conditions are not working the same way. Now I just need to have my camera cleaned and I will be happy to photograph the backlog of work.


Jane Perala

I too have a new Macro lens for Christmas - and I LOVE it! I put it off for so long, and I don't know why. I hope you have many days of happy picture taking!


A macro lens is on my wish list. I do have 3 extension tubes which actually do a pretty nice job while I wait for the real thing!

Patti Vanderbloemen

Wow! If this is not proof positive that macro is better than zoon...I do not know what is! Jealous!


Thank you for showing me this! I need to eventually get a better camera!

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