May Component of the Month Reveal

Here we are again, the end of another month (how is that even possible??????) and it's time for a component of the month reveal. This month Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads provided these super cute teeny tiny little glass cabs for us to use (pssst! She has several in her Etsy shop!). And let me just say, this might have been the most challenging component of the month for me personally in the several years we have been doing component of the month at Art Jewelry Elements.

To start, I had no clue how I was going to attach the cab to anything. I decided I didn't want to do bead embroidery. Maybe tab set the cabs? But I wasn't loving that idea. Then as I was telling Lesley I couldn't think of a single thing to do, I suddenly had an aha moment....resin. So I got out my bullet journal, some scrapbook paper I liked, and started brainstorming. 

The paper and resin idea gave way to a metal and resin idea. So I had several ideas and three cabs to use...a star, diamond, and heart. I have two projects to show today, but unfortunately they are both works in progress (WIPs). 

For the metal and resin, I planned on enameling the metal first. So with the plan to use the diamond shaped cab (more on this in a moment...), I cut out this shape, punched holes, and drew around the diamond cab in the approximate place I wanted it to be so that when I used the dimpling pliers, I avoided that area. 

Below you can see the various stages of completion. Top left: after dimpling pliers. Bottom: testing out enamel color combinations on scrap copper. Top right: enameling the piece. 

So after I completed the enameling, and it was cooling, I remembered I need to wash the diamond shaped cab because it had sharpie marker on it. And then disaster struck. I dropped it. In the sink. Right down the drain. ARGH!!!!!! Sigh. Change of plan then. I had intended to use the star cab on paper. But decided the start would look fine as part of the enameled piece and the heart could go on the paper. 

Next I glued the cab in place. Normally I wouldn't do that, but the type of resin I wanted to use (Lisa Pavelka Magic Gloss) requires UV light to cure. So I needed to make sure the star was at least temporarily glued down before adding the resin. Once the glue was dry, I added resin to one side, cured it with a UV light, then the other side. I'm very happy with how it turned out and know exactly how I will finish it off when I have a chance to do it. 

Side view: 

Next up, I wanted to do a paper and resin mixed media pendant. First I punched out circle shaped paper. Next I cut some annealed steal wire and coiled it into about the same size as the paper, adding a spiral to one end, leaving the other end long for when it's ready to be wrapped into a pendant. I added a thin layer of resin to both sides of the paper and attached the wire to the paper, then let it cure. For these I used ICE resin. 

Once these were dry, I spent time trying to come up with a pleasing composition. It took a long time. Here is the composition I finally decided on before the pour. 

After the pour: 

I really haven't used resin much in the past, so this was mostly playtime for me. I was shocked when my flatback swarovskis suddenly looked flat. Eek! I didn't want THAT effect! But here's what it looked like after sitting in the warm outdoors for about 30 minutes: 

The swarovskis don't look flat any more! Phew! 

This is obviously not finished. There will be some clean-up involved plus the wire wrapped into a pendant. I'm pretty happy with it so far, especially it being my first time trying something like this. 

Several other people had the opportunity to play with these components. Definitely take a few minutes to visit each blog to see what each person created:

AJE Team Members
Jennifer Cameron <----you are here



Oh I am so sorry you dropped it. I love resin and enamel together - I like the way it makes the star cab emerge from the surface of the piece. I think its very cool you are doing more mixed media things - all materials are fair game! And your colors are amazing !

Lesley Watt

How cool! Both these are very interesting and innovative designs Jen - can't wait to see what they look like finished.

Diana P.

All three are very cool ideas! You definitely went outside the box on this challenge! Great job!

Susan Kennedy

Wow, you really did go outside the box! I'm also really impressed at how many more mixed media things you are doing! I love that you did the enamel thing, sorry the one fell down the drain, it was probably the hardest one to work with anyways! LOL! Thank you for doing such cool things!

Kristen Stevens

WOW just WOW! I am blown away by your skills! These are both gorgeous pieces!


I LOVE that first enameled piece ... those colors are fantastic! I also love the resin piece and the beautiful crystal details you created within the frame. I've always wanted to try both of these techniques, but literally do not have even an inch-worth of space for new tools or supplies. I shall instead live vicariously through you. =)


Those are beautiful. I'd really like to know how you kept the resin inside the wire?


Loving the mixed media, they're both beautiful designs and I really like how you've used the resin to set everything. Looking forward to seeing them finished.

Niky sayers

Wow such beautiful pieces Jen, I love the heart but that enamel piece is just amazing, beautiful texture great colours and I love the effect of the resin over the top!!!

Alison Herrington

1) I really LOL'd at the drain part. I apologize for my Schadenfreude.
2) I actually said 'oh, no!' out loud at the part where the flat backs looked flat then 'oh, wow!' when they magically re-appeared!
3) Um..., how do you rate that you got a diamond to begin with ;-) lol
4) I learned so much about resin from your post, I will now need to get out the ICE resin and have a go with wire and paper!
5) I LOVE when people try new mediums for challenges!
Great Job on both your projects!

Pat  DiPietro

Jennifer, I love the mixed media. I haven't tried enameling yet and not sure I will but the paper a resin I just might try. Your pieces are both awesome and I thank you for sharing. Sorry you lost the diamond one.

Becky Pancake

Hi Jen, Both of your pieces are awesome. I would not have known that you did not start out to put the star on the first pendant if you had not said so. It is perfect. The resin focal will be wonderful when it is completed also.

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