Morning in the Studio

I grabbed a cup of coffee to take down to the studio with me and set it down on the first empty space I saw.

Morning in the studio with coffee and Lenk butane torch jennifer cameron glass addictions

I kind of chuckled that I could reheat my coffee if it got too cold with my Lenk LPT-500 butane torch that gets super hot and works super awesome (compared to the 5 other butane torches I own) since it's sitting right there. I do actually have a mug warmer in my studio, but it's occupied right now

Mug warmer with glass murrini jennifer cameron glass addictions

Today I'm working on putting the final touches on a couple donations (more on this tomorrow) and also a new tutorial which I will be posting on Artisan Whimsy next week.



Ha! That is funny Jennifer. I always bring my tea to my studio and end up drinking it cold because my little warmer is occupied in the same way.


If I'm making beads, I will sometimes put my mug on top of the kiln to keep it warm. So bad in so many ways, but I like living on the edge...

Christine Hansen

Oh, I love the pics - *totally* what's happening here too, but the only space for a mug of tea is next to the drill press (which while a wonderful tool, is completely USELESS for keeping my tea warm). I too, have a mugwarmer...purchased specifically for keeping bits of glass hot, not my beverage of choice, lol. And my kiln top? I use that for pre-heating my glass rods - not enough room left for a cuppa.


I never thought about pre-heating rods on top of the kiln...duh! I just deal with them popping and spitting at me.

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