My Little Black Book: Inspiration Part 1

Tonight I am going to give you a sneak peek into my little black book. It's contents are top secret and I have never allowed anyone to see the secrets it contains. Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic. I've let my 10 year old daughter doodle in it... Here's the deal. You know how the experts tell you to carry a notepad around to catch floating ideas before they float out of your brain? That's what my little black book is for. Moleskin book for inspired thinking or uninspired because it could go either way Specifically, it's a black Moleskine because it probably makes me look more cool and artsy (in my mind at least) to be using a moleskine rather than a little spiral notepad. I mean, Ernest Hemingway used Moleskine. What better recommendation than that? It's the perfect size to carry anywhere at about 3.5" x 4.5" and is lined. Here are just a few uses for my little black book: -I keep enamel "recipes" in it. -I have written out step by step details for how to recreate my various wholesale pieces so I can reproduce them exactly in case it's a while between production cycles. -I have also figured out the exact cost of each wholesale piece, the amount of time it takes to create each one, and how much I need to charge to make money on each one. -blog post ideas -to do lists -design ideas -customer contact info when I meet them in person rather than online -who I sent Christmas cards to. And so much more. Yes, it's a mish mash. But I love it. Leave a comment telling us if you keep something with you to jot down those jolts of inspiration. What do you carry and what do you use it for? Maybe there's something even cooler than carrying a moleskine?  



I have a journal that I kinda use. I am just not good about drawing things. When I need to write things down they tend to go in my KIndle Fire as I always have that with me.


I hate to admit it but I have resorted to using the Notes app on my phone or my calendar since I always have my phone with me - it's become my "go to".

Audrey Bélanger

I never tend to jolt anything down, honestly. If I do have to, then it's usually a notepad file on my computer. I thankfully do remember ideas easily and am a very visual person. I don't sketch out my jewelry, either, which some people find odd !

Nancy Dale

Wow you're organized! I have two books, but they both stay home with me (because I hardly ever venture out except to the store once and awhile) but they're in the 'office' and I usually end up scribbling on the grocery list pad, loll!!!


I have a little Halloween themed skeleton notebook that I use :)...alright, plus an old note book that I found jammed under my desk...and assorted scraps of paper and cards.. and whatever is closest to hand ;)but mostly my skeleton book :)


i jot on my phone in a pinch, but I have lost so much digital's so sad.

Theresa Buchle

I carry notebooks, sketchbooks (water color/general sketchbook), & I still write everything into a calendar - I don't forget it that way. And the calendar has a place for notes in the back. I am constantly jotting down color palettes, ideas, sketches. Sometimes they even turn into classes!


Not real good about designing on paper. Once in a while I will doodle something at work, but it may just as well be something I already made!

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