New Beads

I finally got around to photographing a couple from a week or so ago. I've been playing with a lot more clear and the lightly tinted colors recently after reading the Val Cox Frit Secrets book. I love how these came out with so much depth. There is just one teeny tiny problem that I forgot because I usually prefer saturated transparents or opaque have to work a LOT harder to make the bead holes look nice in transparent beads!
Both of these will be at the Indiana Art Fair Feb. 21-22 at the Indiana State Museum.



really pretty colors! :)

Dave Robertson

Your beads are fascinating to gaze at. Wish I could go see them in person :)--Dave

Jennifer Cameron

Thank you for taking a peek at my beads! Dave~I love your profile picture. AWESOME hair!

Dave Robertson

:) The joke is, that's iron African beads on my head in the profile pic!--Dave

Jennifer Cameron

Really? I tried to view it full size and even with you telling me, it's hard to tell! I didn't think that was your real hair, but maybe a wig. LOL! Love it! How often do you wear that headpiece out and about?

Pink & Green Mama

These are beautiful!

Jennifer Cameron

Thank you!

Lori Smith

Jen! I love the one with the purple dots. It looks underwaterish.. the blue trail and the plunged dots look like soft tentacles. I think it's tres cool!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks Lori! You are too sweet.

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