New Focal and a Question

Check out this new Nightmare Insomnia Series bead! It's been dubbed Disco Ball because that's all that comes to mind when I look at it even though it looks nothing like a disco ball. There is nothing subtle about the sparkly dichro in this one! It's been listed in my etsy shop. This next bead has me torn and I would love opinions about it. Originally I made it to send to Beads of Courage. However, my attempt at making a prettier purple by encasing periwinkle backfired and the entire heart looks more blue than purple.So, here's the question. Do I send it anyway? Is it "close enough" to purple? Or do I sell it and donate the proceeds? Of course, if someone wanted to save me the decision and tell me they wanted to buy it right now to help out those children going through cancer treatments...Otherwise, I'd love to hear opinions on this.
Maybe you have noticed the new widget to the right? My blog is now listed in the blogher directory. It's a cool place-go check it out!
I will be attending a Kerri Fuhr class this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! I will try to remember the camera and take some class shots to share.



Kerri has some gorgeous beads.. what's she teaching?


Jennifer, definitely send it anyway. They accept a wide range of purples and...they need all kinds. There are several procedures where the kids get to choose a special bead that means something to them. Because that "stash" is not widely publicized like the need for red and purple hearts, I don't think they get as many donated for that.


Ditto what Creekhiker said - purple comes in many forms.About Blogher - I thought you misspelled the name, LOL! What a great find and a wonderful idea.Have fun in your class - I bet it will be amazing!

Jennifer Cameron

Kerri is teaching her tapestry, dragonfly, how to translate anything into glass, stringer control, scroll work, etc. She will demo the bee tomorrow. OH! And belly dancing. LOL!I know they (BOC) need all kinds of beads and I like to send orphans and purple hearts all at once. I showed it to some ISLAGA peeps today and they said it's purple not blue ;-)

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