New Friend in the Garden

It's that time of year...the time to cut back some of the unruly perennials. I had started selectively "dead heading" the hydrangea bushes late in the evening last week. (I like to leave many of the blooms on the bush all winter because it makes for a more interesting landscape, particularly after it snows!)Anyway, I was about to cut this particular bloom off because it is so much higher than the rest. I don't like ball shaped bushes, but I also can't stand it if one branch is really long. As I was getting ready to snip, I noticed in the twilight that there was a weird green spot in the center. I looked a little closer...and it's a bright green little frog. Isn't he cute? So I tortured him by taking like 50 pictures-using the flash because it was way too dark and I didn't have a tripod handy.
Then I left the bloom intact. I couldn't destroy his resting spot!



I love unexpected surprises from Mother Nature...can't tell you how often I find litte critter treasures in my photos...hiding just from my eye's view! This blossom looks perfect as a home!Beautiful soil gives me greens and purples.

Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs

What an awesome photo Jen! I love these little guys...especially when they sing me to sleep at of my favorite sounds ever :) Thanks for sharing!


Wonderful pictures! The beauty of the many wondrous creatures!


AWWWWWW, great pictures!! I'm glad you left his little spot intact!


That is ADORABLE! You got great pics with a flash in the dark, and what a good sport the little guy was.


Jennifer, amazing photos! There's a macro photography group on Flickr - you should submit them to it.


Great photos Jennifer! I love the color contrast and of course the lil froggy guy!


Isn't amazing what you can find in your own backyard. He's so cute. And the colors are perfect.

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