New Fun and Funky Neck piece

Untitled as of yet:This has been sitting on my bench since before Christmas because I wasn't happy with the direction it had taken. The center portion from the bead up to the 1st set of rings was already in my head when I started. It was the rest that was kind of fuzzy to me. I added a hand dyed silk ribbon to each ring and although it didn't look "bad", it wasn't "right". So there it sat, forlornly on my bench until last night I took the ribbon off, and decided it would get finished. Here is what I came up with. This photo shows a close-up of the new portion (except the 2 rings in the bottom of the photo. Those were part of the original design).This is a close-up of the section I had already sketched out (during my son's band concert...shhh! Don't tell him I was busy drawing up design ideas instead of paying attention to all ther other bands!). There are 2 things I love about this.First is that it feels "dangerous" because the wire holding the bead is wrapped precariously around the two straight wires and the only thing keeping that bead on there is that those wires were hammered a little flat at the ends. Yes, I know I have revealed a very sad secret about myself by telling you that info... My life is so pathetically boring that I feel a bead depending on a wire being hammered flat is considered living on the edge.
But WAIT there's more! That bead spins freely! I love it when they spin freely like that. It means it's time to play with your jewelry! It adds motion and interest and when the bead is not adorned with caps and tons of wire wrapping, the bead becomes the focal point and not part of an ensemble.
I am hoping to make a couple more of these beads for some matching earrings and they will accompany me to the art show.



Jennifer, I completely agree with your take on this... It DOES feel dangerous... I got that immediately. It took my breath away, in fact!And I simply adore that the bead spins! Fabulous!I finally got new links added to my blog. I wanted to add you and Lynne.

Robin Koza

This is GORGEOUS!!! I love all the wirework and that the beads spin...fantastic necklace!!!


WOW Jennifer! This is a fabulous, Fabulous piece! You did a great job! I love the flat wire, and the fact that the bead spins! Great job! Love it! :)

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks ladies! Sometimes it's difficult to be objective about whether anybody else will like a certain design. The spinning bead is really fun. Technically, they all spin, but it is the center one that the wearer would probably play with ;-)

Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs

Jen, your jewelry designs are the best...always so fresh and unique! Beautiful job!

Jennifer Cameron

Why thank you Miss Lisa! Maybe someday we should do a collaborative piece.

glassbead, isinglass design

Man, Jennifer, I just love all your designs. Amazing stuff!

Jennifer Cameron

Thank you for looking! I am pretty excited about it and have made more beads for a bracelet and earring set.

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