New Tuff Enough listings and a story of a camping trip and why you should watch the Discovery Channel

This is the shock of the century! I managed to get 3 new listings up today. The first two are part of the Tuff Enough to Wear Pink Campaign. I will be donating 100% of the purchase price of these beads to the Susan Komen for the Cure:
The third listing today was another Nightmare Series bead. However, what's "special" about this one is its so called pedigree. This was the bead I had started when the photographer was here taking pictures for the newspaper article. I only started it while he was here and then finished it after he left. Anyway, this bead's baby picture was in the newspaper and online.
On a completely unrelated to anything else I've ever posted before, I want to make sure everyone tunes into the Discovery Channel Mini Series about the Iditarod. My DS has become obsessed with dog sledding since doing the Iditarod unit during the 2008 race in 4th grade. He has been a frustrated musher ever since. Living in a suburban neighborhood in Indiana is not particularly condusive to a budding musher who dreams of racing in the Junior Iditarod and then the Iditarod. I tell him he can do the Junior Iditarod if a miniature labradoodle and a Golden Retriever will be enough to pull the sled...
Anyway, about a month ago, Lance Mackey (the winner of the last 2 Iditarods and my son's hero) went to Mancelona, Michigan to the Last Chance Kennel as a guest speaker. My DS found out about this from Lance's website. So, like the dog sledding/Lance Mackey obsessed kid that he is, he nagged me about getting more info. The site only promoted a talk he was giving. But when I emailed for info from the folks hosting this event, they said it was actually a 4 day event and invited us to join. WOW!
The thing is, we would have to camp with no running water and my dear sweet husband was on call all that particular weekend. I hate camping. I hate using a port-a-potty. I'm far from a high maintenance glamour girl, but I do like my comforts. However, I have the sweetest, most gentle kid a mom could ask for. His hero isn't some NBA or NFL thug, and he had the chance to meet him, talk to him, and go camping. I signed us up for the one night camp.
So here was me who knows practically nothing about dog sledding, my frustrated wannabe musher and then a group of very dedicated mushers. I mean, I can barely get my dogs to pee outside let alone train them to pull a sled and listen to commands...I didn't really fit in so well. That didn't matter a bit because these were all very down to earth, generous people. They made us feel very comfortable and gave DS suggestions on how he can train to be a musher and participate in a limited way until he can fullfil his dreams.
When we got to Mancelona, I didn't know a single thing about Lance Mackey except he won a couple Iditarods and is missing a finger. Weird thing to know, but DS had mentioned it a few times. But after that weekend, I am a fan of Lance too. Not because I think dog sledding is cool, but because he is an incredible individual for what he has been through (cancer that he was not supposed to survive, let alone ever race again) and achieved and accomplished it with so much humility, determination, and love for his dogs. He is very down to earth, approachable, will answer any question asked (including trade secrets from what I, the non-musher person, can tell), and signs all autographs. His wife Tonya was also lots of fun to talk to and hear her perspective on things. The thing that struck me is they have no bathroom and so they all have to shower at the laundromat! It costs a whopping $5 for a 10 minute shower. YIKES!
I was going to post about this earlier, but time just slipped away and then it seemed irrelevant. But with this special on the Discovery Channel, it's fun to watch what we only heard about from Lance. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode last night. Knowing the Discovery Channel (it's our favorite channel), they will run each episode several times. Check your local listings and don't miss any of them.



Hello there,Your son's story sounds somewhat similar to my own story when I was a young boy.I have a fledgling website (One page thus far!) that is aimed at people just like your son. I'd like to invite you and your son to check it out and furthermore, if your son would like to tell his own story, I would be honored to have it inspire other musher-wannabes that visit my site.


Jennifer Cameron

Thanks for visiting! I checked out your website and your story is GREAT! I really enjoyed reading it and will show it to my son. He is 10 and bugs me every single day about his lack of proper dogs. But the mushers in Michigan tell me the Golden Retriever will be fine ;-)

Kristen Andrews

those beads are very cool!


These are GORGEOUS beads. They look like they are being cradled by the silver. Lovely!:) Robincinnamon & honey

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks for the complements! They are so fun to make even if they were inspired by my daughter's nightmares (and therefore my lack of sleep) about spiders every single night.

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