The Nightmare Before Christmas

Looking for my Ornament Blog Hop post? Click the link or scroll down to the next post. This weekend was the big ornament exchange reveal blog hop (hosted and organized by Sally Russick). I gave a sneak peek of the ornament I made for Sandi Volpe, but didn't do any more than that because I didn't want to take away from her reveal. But I kind of wanted to tell you all about it. So here's the ornament on my tree before I packaged it up to send off to Sandi:

Ornament by Jennifer Cameron Glass Addictions

I had originally planned something else entirely, made the beads, but just wasn't feeling it. So I started thinking about using one of my Nightmare Insomnia beads. And thinking about the name. And the fact we just got back from "the most wonderful place on the Earth" just a couple weeks ago. That's when The Nightmare Before Christmas was born. Using on of my Nightmare beads, some black Swarovski crystals, and bronze wire, I wired up the ornament. I love the visual of the swirly hill that Jack stands on. But how to create something that felt like that, but didn't infringe on any copyrights and also looked good....

Ornament by Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

I probably made the process of enameling the copper disc more complicated...because sometimes it's necessary to do everything the hard way. Also, I didn't try to research a technique. I just used the information I already have stored plus problem solving to do what I wanted. What exactly did I do?

Ornament by Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

First, I decided the easiest and quickest way to do what I wanted was to punch out a copper disc and enamel it. But how to get nice crisp lines between the background of the moon and the swirly hill? I got out my little used jewelers saw, drew the basic outline of the hill (after drawing the size of the disc on the copper), and used the saw to cut it out. I then punched a hole in the disc and enameled the disc with various shades of yellow (not sure what the dirty speckles are, but I like them!) Then did a layer of clear over the yellow. Then I torch enameled the hill using a white base then black with a small sprinkling of some grays (not 50 shades of gray though...). The next part was the stressful part because I was afraid it would all crack apart. I added some Klyr Fire to the top of the disc and both sides of the hill. Placed the hill where I wanted it on the disc, sprinkled clear fusing enamel over the entire thing, then torch fired it again. As soon as the enamel was clear, I popped it into my bead annealing kiln (which had been pre-heated). I was worried that with all that enamel, that the entire thing would cool too quickly and crack. Once it was annealed, I wired it onto the ornament. It was a really fun experience in problem solving and planning. Here's our Christmas homage to Jack Skellington, a stuffed Jack purchased during one of our many trips to Disney, always lovingly placed in a place of honor on the tree.

Jack Skellington on the Christmas tree


Barbara Lewis

Very cool, Jenny! You're definitely a pro!

Sally Russick

Jen, I love the ornament that you made! You definitely can see that the inspiration was "The Nightmare before Christmas", One of my favorite movies! Your glass beads are always so beautiful and you did a fantastic job with the enameling, it was so worth all the hard work! Thank goodness you didn't need 50 shades!!! :)

Again, thank you for participating!

Erin Prais-Hintz

I just love it! Black and white is elegant any time of the year. I think I would leave this out all year round! Enjoy the day. Erin

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