NIghtmare Insomnia in the Garden

Nightmare Insomnia in the Garden has been sitting on my bench for about a week while I tried to decide if it would be listed online, or taken with me to the Museum. I have a neckpiece for the Off the Walls exhibit that I will deliver Friday. However, the gift shop was also interested in buying some stuff. Then there is that show in 2 weeks...However, I bit the bullet and it is now listed on 1000 Markets. I tried using just natural light for the photos this time. What do you think?
The interesting thing about this necklace is I don't think I have ever used any kind of flower anything in my jewelry. Yet this has SIX bali silver flower charms. I used four of them as a a kind of bead cap for the top of the bead, and then two of them are used as "weights" for the ends of the hand dyed silk ribbon from Cahootz.
I've been playing around with crocheting wire the last couple days. I don't actually know how to crochet, so learning on wire may not be the easiest mode of learning. Maybe I will have something worth showing soon. However, I will be photographing the museum piece and showing it later this week once I get the earrings completed.



I think it's very cool, Jennifer! It looks like a magical orb! Congratulations.


Love the natural light! I wish mine looked that good when I try it! :)

Cindy Gimbrone

Hi Jennifer,Love the necklace! You're right, though, learning to crochet with wire isn't the easiest way to learn. Go buy some cheap sport weight yarn and a size G or H hook and learn on those first to get the idea. Problem with wire is that it doesn't "give" so when you pull through the loops unevenly, that's what you end up with. Good luck learning!Cindy

Jennifer Cameron

Patty~thanks!Kristen~natural light seems to be hit or miss for me. This time it seemed to work well. I did took the photo in a southwest facing window in the basement on scrapbook paper.

Jennifer Cameron

Cindy~thanks for the tips! I guess I will have to break down and use some yarn. I was using 26 g.copper to learn. Probably not the best idea I've had. haha!

Art of the Firebird

This is beautiful, Jennifer!


I love it in the natural light. Beautiful piece!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks ladies!

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