Nightmare Insomnia's Aura

A new Nightmare Insomnia bead finished at 2:30 am and cleaned and photographed a few minutes ago. As usual, the plan is for this guy to accompany me to the Indiana Art Fair next weekend.



Great bead!!!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks Kristen! I really appreciate the comments you leave every day even though I've been neglecting reading my favorite blogs this week (like yours!)

Lori Smith

I love the silver glass dots!

Carol Brook

Awesome work!!!Its lovely.

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks Lori and Carol!


just gorgeous...boy thats dedication that hurt in the mornmona & the gaffer girls

Jennifer Cameron

I often do my best lampworking late at night/early morning. I am such a night owl that during the day when I should theoretically be at my best, my beads are often blah.

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