Not all it "cracked" up to be

I had one of "those" days a couple days ago. I finally had time to sit down and make a few beads and I couldn't make a nicely shaped bead to save my life. With a show looming in 2 weeks, I don't have time for one of "those" days.However, I decided to play with a silver glass color I had never played with before. Even though the beads technically left a lot to be desired, the color combo I used with the glass and the reaction of the glass itself were nothing short of spectacular. Even though I knew these beads were not going to be offered for sale, I could use them for myself or a family member and I was super excited to try the combo again when I could actually get my hands to shape a proper bead.Imagine my surprise when this greeted me from the kiln the next morning:Do you see all those cracks? Everywhere? If you are a lampworker, you will know these kind of cracks are a result of incompatibility. If the cracking were thermal cracks (the bead cooled too quickly and did not anneal properly), there would be just one crack on each side of the bead and it would simply split in half.After posting a question about this particular glass color on Lampwork Etc. to see if anybody else has had this happen with this particular silver glass, the answer was yes and that it may not even be compatible with itself (meaning you can't even make small spacers with it because they will crack too). Bummer. Silver glass is very expensive and this particular batch appears to be worthless. I made a couple spacers today so we'll see what happens with those.



Oh no, that's terrible! I love the colors in those beads too! I hope the spacers turn out better, that really is too bad! I know I'm not a lampworker, but why don't they tell you when you purchase expensive glass that it isn't even compatible with itself? It doesnt seem right. Let us know how your spacers come out! :)


Bummer, Jennifer- those were nice. I've had it happen predictably with greens, and also where silvered ivory was mixed with encasing. Recently I had it happen when I used a different core color under Vetrofond Odd's Parrot Green. Didn't want to waste a lot of that rare color on a big round bead so I used something cheap underneath, and c-r-a-c-k! Make you want to pull your hair out sometimes.

belvedere beads

the colors in those cracked beads was sensational - what a drag. i am just beginning to use the silvered glass and i am hoping that this kind of frustration is not in my future...i just stumbled onto your blog and it's lovely. your beads are like candy.

Jennifer Cameron

So far the spacers are ok. But I will wait and see. The focals keep getting worse and worse. Hard to believe they could get worse. LOL!Belvedere~thanks for visiting! I will go check out your blog in a minute. I can honestly say this is the very first time I've ever had an issue with compatibility, so I've guess I've been pretty lucky so far. But it's really irritating when the compatibility issue happens with an expensive glass. I am just so bummed that my cool color combos can't be used. Trust me, these colors look even better in person.

Robin Koza

BUMMER Jen, those were very cool beads!!


Can you tell us which silver glass it is you can convo me on etsy if you don't want to publicly name it! I have a coulpe of beads that look just like that but I think it was using too many brands (4) of glass in the same bead that all push the limits on compatibility.Lynne

Jennifer Cameron

It was called Waterfall. I got it from Ron and Rocio so I'm assuming it's precision glass?

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