November Component of the Month Design Challenge Reveal - The Lichen Edition

art jewelry elements component of the month reveal lichen

It is shockingly already the end of November, which means another Art Jewelry Elements component of them month design challenge. This month Caroline Dewison is the hostess and she created these amazing lichen inspired cabochons and pendants. I received one of the lavender colored cabs. I love it so much I was kind of scared to use it because I wanted to do something amazing with it, but not too amazing as to take away from the cab. Originally I had thought I would use it in a bead embroidery piece. However, I just wasn't feeling it so I decided to be inspired by metal.

I decided I wanted to do some kind of metal bezel and started looking through books for inspiration. This one from Mixed Metal Mania by Kim St. Jean struck me as appropriate for the particular design and texture we were working with this month. 

I always love working with cupped discs, but the work Amy Buettner and Tucker Glasow create is magical. And also kind of lichen-y looking. Hmmm....

 Metalsmiths Amy Buettner & Tucker Glasow

So I started out first by drawing a rough sketch of my idea. Then made the bezel that would be cold connected to the base shape. But wow....this got huge fast and I didn't like the size. Especially once I started adding cupped discs to the shape. 

So I drew up a much simpler shape. It's still on the large side, but it is much easier to wear. 

This piece required a TON of steps, done in order or else it would have ended up in total pandemonium. I am going to be completely honest...I waited until the last minute to finish this piece. It's still technically not done. However, it is 2:30am and I want to sleep in this  morning. So all photos are pretty terrible and badly lit. But you get the idea until I replace the photos sometime today. Here it is next to the rough sketch

And here it is in my hand. It's a pretty hefty size, but I'm pretty happy with it. I haven't decided how I'm going to finish it yet. I'm considering 2 strands of leather cord. What do you think?

This is a blog hop, so make sure you see what the other designers created with Caroline's gorgeous cabs and pendants. 




I'm even more in love with your headpins now Jen... That's really beautiful! I love all the different textures, it gives the whole piece a wonderful organic feel. Thank you so much for joining me in the challenge!

Jennifer Cameron

Thank you for creating such amazing pieces for us to work with. I adore them so much I want another so I can do bead embroidery for that one :-)

Lesley Watt

That's a stunning statement piece and you headpins are just perfect with the cab. I agree with the choice of leather - or at least something very simple to let the pendant shine.

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks Lesley! I wasn't too sure about those headpins....Glad it worked out ok....I would have HATED wasting them if they didn't. LOL!


This is truly lovely. Such a wonderful organic look to compliment the cab. I agree the headpins are perfect with this piece. The metalwork complimens perfectly. The only thing I might do differently is the round the tips of the prongs to go with all of the rounded lines in the piece. Love it!

Niky Sayers

Wow Jen your head pins work perfectly with this piece and I love how you have used them, such amazing colours and textures!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks Niky! I wasn't sure the headpins worked with it. I'm glad to have others say they look good!


I love the way the disks and head pins complement the lichen focal --that will be gorgeous strung from leather cord.

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks Cassi! I wasn't too sure about this design...

Susan Kennedy

You're a woman of many talents, Jen! Love what you made, your headpins match perfectly! Can't wait to see it finished!

Janet Bocciardi

Love the addition of the headpins! I like the idea of leather cord to soften it overall. Nice!

Karen Totten

Ambitious design with stunning results! I love it and enjoyed reading about your process.

patty miller

Please forgive me for sounding like a critic know-it-all when I suggested rounding the prong tips. it's just such a wonderful piece. I got over excited. You are one of the artists I follow regularly and sometimes I open mouth- insert foot. Do you remember the line from Much Ado about Nothing when the idiot constable had captured to men who had carried out the deceit? My fav line of the movie is when the captured smart man yells at the idiot " YOU ARE AN ASS!" Well, that is me sometimes. lolol

Jennifer Cameron

LOL! Don't worry about it Patty! I appreciate the suggestion. It's something I will consider if I decide I'm not happy with it enough to take it apart or if I decide to ever make another. I like the pointy tabs, but you might be right that the rounded would look better. I'm certainly not an expert and proved that quite handily through the trials and tribulations of getting this piece to completion ;-) I really appreciate the words of encouragement and that you follow the blog.

Ann Schroeder

The headpins look great, and I LOVE the metal rounds that echo the lichen bead.


Thank you for being so gracious, Jennifer. It is a gorgeous piece.

Wow! I love how you echoed the cups in the pendant with your metal cups and the beautiful headpins. It looks so amazing!

Nicole Prince

Holy cow! This is great!


Holy barnacles, Batman! I LOVE THIS SO HARD. the discs. the headpins. the overall composition. Sigh. Love want. And you are so insanely busy in life... but then you sit down and whip out a multi stage complex stunner like this?!!?! WTH? Love it.

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