November Theme Challenge Reveal - Stars

What day is it again? Good grief. I had loads of plans for the star theme, including doing a linocut to make Christmas cards, but then I blinked and November was over. 

A few months ago I had purchased the cutest star pattern (before I knew this was a challenge theme) from designer Hunter Hammersen called Scintillation. But I never got around to trying it. Below is what these stars are supposed to look like. 

Well, let's just say from the moment I cast on, it was a struggle. For example, this requires Judy's Magic Cast On, which I have never attempted. It took 7 tries plus a glass of wine to understand how the yarn wrapping works. 

Then I think I knit it backwards or upside down? Because once I started knitting the other side of the star, things got really weird and I had to do the opposite of what the pattern stated except I still don't think I even did that correctly. However, I wasn't about to give up or rip it out because I was already just done with it. So I got to just before the end, soaked it, blocked it, and allowed it to dry. 


Then I stuffed it, closed it up, took a photo, then gave it to the cat because I am not a huge fan of how it turned out, but she loves it. I need to try again when I maybe have had TWO glasses of wine. 

Sadly I thought I would make 100s of these into a garland. At this point it isn't bloody likely unless my brain and my hands start playing nicely again. 

After this really sad challenge reveal, you should probably go visit the others because they have all done amazing things that deserve attention, love, and comments! 


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kathy Lindemer

It is always humbling when met with a difficult challenge. I know my cat would love to have it stuffed with catnip.

Tammy Adams

Oh, dear, this made me laugh out loud. Because it reminds me almost to the last detail of what happened when I attempted to crochet an amigurumi seahorse. I couldn't understand the pattern instructions from the first stitch, nothing looked like the photo until I deviated from the instructions, I was going to make a whole mobile's worth for a friend's nursery but never got past the first one, etc. I didn't try wine, but now I'm thinking a few shots of Vodka may have been in order. It does look cute even if you aren't happy with it. And also, it looks like a fun cat toy. ;)


'I stuffed it, closed it up, took a photo, then gave it to the cat'... I just laughed wine out of my nose! Loved reading your post, I think you did an amazing job. I don't know how you did it with all of those needles, but it looks great!

Susan Kennedy

I think it looks great, and I bet your cat LOVES it! Catnip would have been a good addition! I'm sewing some things for Sean's cat and bought cat nip - we'll see...

Laney Mead

OMG I just burst out laughing, you are a tonic I desperately needed! these last few days (ok weeks!) have been trying in this house and the fact I even managed a piece for this challenge was my biggest achievement this month, so to read your fabulous description of how you did your piece made me laugh out loud - and I am home alone!! You deserve the wine and so glad the cat loves the star, mine would be pleased to call that star one of theirs!


I'm with the cat - I love how your star turned out :) and I'd definitely love to have 100's of these around! However, I feel your pain - following patterns is the most difficult thing ever, and I usually end up making it up as I go along. Well at least there was a lot of wine... ;)


In spite of the doldrums about your knitting quandry, I too, was laughing at your telling of the story!! I have done that, with crochet ... frogged it and tied it up into a tight ball for the cat! Actually, these eyes don't think it's bad or even a CATastrophe! Just thought of something ... can't you make 2 of the one pattern and just turn it over? Remember, this is coming from a non-knitter ...


SO which cat? And can we get a cat picture?

That looks crazy. At first I though you had MADE all the stars in the first picture. I panicked as I didnt even get 1 thing done.

I would think it might be easier the second time? But I dont knit - so who am I to presume? LOL

Cathy Mendola

Hahaha I am not laughing at you but with you! Inspite of your frustration and not doing it ‘right’ , I really do love it!. Like Jenny, I thought you had made ALL the stars in the first photo. Glad your cat likes it but I really think you should try it again. The knitted stars look so much like starfish.


I love to see the process and think it is way better than anything I could ever attempt to do with knitting needles (my brain just does not understand it). And I'm sure the cat is enjoying it. It really is lovely! I hope your brain and hands do figure it out because a bunch of these as garland would be magnificent!

niky sayers

I know your not happy with your star but I think its amazing! I could not even get my head around your work in progress photos!?!?!

Sarajo Wentling

Oh no! I shouldn't laugh, but I totally did! Lucky kitty to have such a nice, handmade new toy! I think your finished star looks really good but I can understand your frustration.

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