October Component of the Month Reveal

As you probably know by now, Art Jewelry Elements has a design challenge every month where one of my team members provide components for others to design with. Then we all reveal at the end of the month. This month Kristi Bowman was the hostess. Kristi was inspired by this photo:

ammonite rock wall  

to create these gorgeous components (to learn more about these, click here):

ammonite copper bracelet bars kristi bowman

I really thought I was going to make a bracelet with mine. But then I started thinking I wanted to do something unexpected. Like what? I didn't figure it out until yesterday. And once the idea took hold, it took me about 1 hour to do a quick mock-up with garbage wire, patina a new wire, pick which beads I wanted to pair with it, and do wire wrapping, hammering, steel wooling, and sealing with Renaissance wax. What did I do?

ammonite fibula glass addictions jen cameron  

A fibula! I've been wanting to make these for years, I just never get to it.  

ammonite fibula glass addictions jen cameron  

I'm keeping this one, but will definitely be making more because I love how this turned out.  

ammonite fibula glass addictions jen cameron

Go see what the rest of the design challenge participants created:

Guests Designers:



That is AMAZING!!! I did not expect to see a pin, what a fantastic surprise. I love how it turned out as well and I'm so happy you love it enough to keep it! Thanks so much!!!

Sherri Stokey

What a fabulous design and a fun, original way to use the piece. Love it!


Oh MY Goodness! What an amazing pin! I love love love it!


That's a GREAT idea and you executed it beautifully! Love, love, love!

Susan Kennedy

Wow Jennifer, it's gorgeous! Love the beads and I'm so impressed!

Cate van Alphen

Ok, I admit I had to google fibula :)

I love the beads you have chosen and the combination of wire spirals with the component.

Melissa Meman

This absolutely rocks! It is perfect, and I would definitely make more!!

Michelle Buettner

This fibula is fantastic - very pretty! I love how the swirls go perfectly with the ammonites in Kristi's focal and the glass beads you created and used - swoon!!! The colors in this piece are fabulous. I haven't created any fibulas in a few years, but you've inspired me to do some for an upcoming show I'm having - they're perfect for 'scarf' season!


The best designs always happen last minute! That's a stunner!

Lesley Watt

What a very original, cool and beautiful design...wouldn't have ocurred to me in a million years. Nice work! :0)

shai williams

What a surprise! I wasn't expecting a pin but it is so perfect.

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