Open Studio Friday

Every Friday will be Open Studio Friday on the Glass Addictions Blog. This feature is in the spirit of Where Women Create and also the Cloth Paper Scissors Studios magazine.We will start the tour here at my place in Fort Wayne, IN. My studio is located in our finished basement. I have my own set of stairs that go directly into the garage. When we built our house in 2006, the plan was that when I had projects to fuse in the large kiln, I could just go directly to that kiln from the studio rather than walking through the house to the garage like I did before. I have yet to use these stairs for that purpose...I have been too caught up in making beads.One of these days (maybe this summer) the kids and I are going to mosaic these stairs. Right now my beloved labeler is sitting there next to some glass that needs to be labled. I label about half the rods because I am particular like that. To the left is where I keep the beads and jewelry currently listed online, extra baggies, and other supplies. I asked the builder to leave the area under the stairs open. This is where I store my COE 104 and COE 90 glass rods and COE 90 sheet glass. You can also see my frit storage along the side.
Here is the sink my husband has yet to hook up for me. It currently houses my leather apron and the baby monitor so I can hear what is going on upstairs when I work.
Yes, I painted this entire studio and cabinets by myself. It took forEVER. I painted the upper cabinets with magnetic paint and then painted the blue over it so they can hold magnets. I will eventually get around to making some glass door hardware. It's on my to do list for the year.
Here is the oxy con, gas line, fire extingusher, and press storage. The bag is still sitting where I left if after the Kerri Fuhr class a couple weeks ago. I haven't been able to torch for about 2 weeks because I injured my back and it hurts to sit for more than a few minutes.
WARNING! I did absolutely NO clean-up before taking these photos. What you see is how I actually work. Here is the torch area.
Close-up of torch area. I actually cleaned this up a few weeks ago, so it is much cleaner than it usually is.
This is the bead kiln on a shelving unit on wheels so that it can be moved out of the way when needed. Before you freak out that I have a jewelry findings case and the tv remote on top of it (fire hazard) it is not plugged in. Sometimes I need the extra surface area and I unplug it when I do.
Here is the jewelry creation station. Yes, it is always this messy and yes, as soon as I put something down it gets lost. Very frustrating! It would probably take me half the time to make things if I put stuff away as I worked. I do my hammering in another location because the countertop bounces way too much to function.
Perhaps you are wondering why I didn't close the cabinet door? This is why. I get stuff out and because the door opens to the wall, it's awkward and I end up just leave it on the floor. Then the door won't close. LOL!On the wall next to the jewelry station is a window and that is where the drill press and riveting press thingie lives. That cart is also on wheels so it can be moved as needed.
Here is a close-up of the aloe plants I bought for when I burn myself. I don't generally like live plants in the house. Between 2 kids and 2 dogs tracking in dirt, why would I want to bring dirt inside the house on purpose? Anyway...I crack the window for the fresh return air when using the torch. I don't think the aloe plants like the winter cold. Either that or they needed to be watered...Two more kilns. The one on the wall is used for vitrigraph stringers (glass flows out the bottom) among other things. Both kilns fit on the cart beneath it. The cart is also on wheels so it can be moved when needed.
On the wall to the right of the cart is more countertop and cabinet space. It is also where I keep and make PMC pieces. Most of my 96COE glass is kept in these cabinets. This countertop was clean 2 days ago. But then I went on a PMC spree the last 2 days:
This is the workbench I brought with me from the other house. It is where I would cut and grind sheet glass if I needed to. My fusing molds are underneath the bench and the shredder is sitting there in front with a pile to be shredded and also serving as a book holder while I was working with PMC. The butane torch for fusing silver is on the shelf on top of the bench.
The bench is very solid so that is where I do the hammering and stamping for my jewelry. It's also a bit of a catch all. I weigh packages here too. It also looks like a I drink lots of wine while working. However, those are the wine bottles my mom has been trying to get me to drill holes into for about 2 years now. That is also on this year's to do list.
I hope you enjoyed the tour. Come back next week when we tour another artist studio. Perhaps a cleaner one...
If you have a studio or workspace you would like to have featured on this blog, please leave a comment!


Cindy Gimbrone

Thanks for the tour, Jennifer! You've got an awesome studio! It's so colorful and full of great glass tools. Congratulations on being the blog of the day! That's sweet!Cindy


Great tour! What a nice studio you have! Start watering the aloe and it will come back.


Jennifer, I looked at all the pictures first, then went back and read your descriptions and then looked at all the pictures again. I love it! You have such a big space! You've done a wonderful job decorating it too! Love the colors. I am always fascinated by peoples storage of their glass rods. I don't make beads myself, but there's something about them all lined up next to each other just waiting to be called upon! Great job! Love it!


I put pictures up on my blog of my little space a while back, I'll have to see if I can find them. I'd love to have you show it off, I'm very proud of it! :)

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks ladies! It may be messy, but it's mine and no one else is allowed in unless they have something to talk to me about or to use my computer (my "office" space overlooks the stairs. The entire room is kind of an L shape). I guess I will try to water the aloes. It certainly wouldn't hurt anything even though I kind of find it hilarious. I mean, how can somebody kill an aloe?Kristen~I'd LOVE to feature your space and where the magic happens. I have a list of about 5 right now so you have time to find your photos and send them to me :o)

Victoria Webb

I have a very messy painter's studio, but if you'd like to post some pics, here's a start:'d be happy to give you commentary to go with the pics.Nice idea!Victoria

Braden Hammond Glass

nice studio!!


jennifer...i am sick...your studio is amazing...i can't believe how many work tables you have and equipment...your studio is my "dream studio"...would you please come to mine and help kick me in the butt to get it more's actually not too bad and very very small compared to yours...anyway, i admire your space and think it is the bomb...

Jennifer Cameron

Victoria~I'd love to feature your blog. Email me at

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks Braden! Yours isn't too shabby either ;o) Love the chimes installation!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks Eileen! My wonderful DH is the one that decided I would have cabinets and countertops whether I wanted them or not. LOL! I gave up trying to add my input at some point. I did all the painting, but he did all the installation. He even did counters and cabinets and a custom desk in my office area. I didn't photograph those's way too embarrassing what a slob I can be. haha!I would love to help you organize. I love to organize. I'm just not very good at staying organized.

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