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I think Google Calendar is the best thing EVER! I have it set up so my husband, my son, or I can add or subtract things off the same calendar. It's installed on my cel phone, hub's cel phone (both of which are Droid X), and my son's iPod touch. All devices plus the actual Google calendar on the internet all sync at the same time without connecting anything to anything else and they sync immediately so nothing is ever out of date.

I've tried to talk my daughter into letting me add it to her ipod too, but she won't let me. As absolutely awesomely kick ass as Google Calendar is, my husband refuses to look at it or add things into it. He will ask me what's going on a particular day and I ask him if he's checked that calendar on his phone? He always says no and where is it. I explain I moved the icon to the top right on his home screen isolated all by itself so he cannot miss it.

Thank goodness at least my son uses it... After having this conversation a few times, I decided it was time for a lower tech method. One that was front and center in a high traffic area because I am tired of being the family planner and secretary. When I found The Weekly Vinyl Chalkboard Calendar, I was smitten. I ordered it plus two Chalk Ink Pens. With each day's box being  approximately 8"x11", there is TONS of room to write. An extra box can be used for notes or things coming up the following week that you don't want to forget. Last week I used it to make a bunch of notes for my mom while we were in Cincinnati for the Flying Pig Half Marathon. Here's how I use it for my family:  

 First, we hung it on a section of empty wall in the mud room/laundry room across from our coat/bag/shoe cubbies. The traffic to this room is 2nd only to the kitchen. Every Sunday evening (and I've been doing this a month so far, so it has become habit) I erase everything and using my Google calendar that I'm always editing, I write everything onto the weekly chalkboard calendar.

This only takes a few minutes and has been so vital to maintaining my sanity. I keep the Chalk Ink pens in the basket hanging from a hook just to the left of the calendar (you can see a corner of it in the photo). The calendar also hangs at eye level for the youngest in the family so she looks at it as much as the rest of us and I get no more of the "what do we have to do today?" questions. This thing has made my life so much easier! Not only that, it looks pretty darn slick.



Excellent! Thanks for sharing. I've seen a few other people recommend these as well. Glad to see it in use on a real wall ;-)



Erin Prais-Hintz

Brilliant! And it is my dream to have a cubbie/mud room, but seeing as that isn't likely to happen, I will just have to drool over yours.

Good to know about Google Calendar. My hubby was searching for something and I might have to point that out.

Enjoy the day!



You can use any blank wall. I originally wanted it in the kitchen and I think it would have looked awesome in there, but hubs said he was not a fan of that idea. Thus, the mudroom. I really think Google calendar rocks and all you need is a gmail account.


You're welcome. I only sing the praises of something if I really believe in it and I know I prefer to see visuals myself.


My husband won't do technology either. At least not for communicating. We have a plain old wall calendar in the kitchen, but if there were kids in the house it would be this. Love it!


Oh I love the color of your wall in the mud room! Anyway I have to go and check this out because I have been having major calender issues lately so this chalkboard would be awesome for me!


I love this calendar and so does the rest of the family. It's so much better than trying to write everything in tiny squares. It's impossible to miss, and everyone uses it. The color of the wall is our "main" color (called spiced pumpkin or something) through the house. I love it some days, and others I am kind of sick of it after nearly 5 years.

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