Pathway Series-Vortex

Vortex was delivered to the Indiana State Museum for the second half of the Off the Walls Exhibit featuring Indiana Artisans. This is one that really needs a model for the photos. I have tried to photograph my jewelry on my neck, but no amount of photoshopping will ever hide the fact that my neck is not photogenic. It's downright hideous. Sadly I didn't know this until I tried to use myself as a model for my jewelry. Now I'm self conscious about my neck. LOL! Lately when I create jewelry, I have had a fascination with movement and danger so to speak. The movement in the neckpiece comes from the beads and the circle and oval links. All move and spin freely.The danger is only an illusion. The sterling silver wire used to make the wavy links is a very large size. Once the silver wire has been work hardened (also called therapy in the form of hammering it to death...) and shaped, it is so stiff, it is difficult to wrap the ends in a manner that they will attach to the rest of the pieces.In "properly" crafted jewelry, all wire is wrapped tightly and the ends tucked in so they are nearly invisible. However, I have been loosely wrapping this heavy stiff wire so that every moves, leaving the ends not only untucked, but sticking out so that they break the plain of the circle links. It really looks like it could all just fall apart. However, I assure you it will not.

Sometimes, because I am a fairly practical person, I wear a design to make sure it is comfortable to wear and it doesn't flip in weird ways or drive me to distraction. I wore this all day last week before tumbling it and giving it a thorough cleaning and it was surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear.

This design excited me so much, there will be more to come! Keep checking back to see what other danger I can cook up!



Love it Jennifer! It's so cool! I am not that good with shaping wire like that yet. It's something that I need to practice more. I want to learn how now that I see this! :) Great job!

Cindy Gimbrone

Lovely design, Jennifer. It has alot of movement and the movement is contrasted nicely with the focal circle and disks. How long is the necklace?Cindy

Jennifer Cameron

Kristen~I am sure you would do a beautiful job with wire. Quite frankly, I use wire like a crutch because I cannot use crimps for beading wire to save my life. Although I recently discovered tornado crimps, that may change :o)

Jennifer Cameron

Cindy~thanks! The "chain" portion of the necklace is 20". The focal portion (including the oval shaped link) is 4 1/2"


This is really pretty! I have a hard time bending the wire tight enough on the back of the disks so that they don't flop!I got my DH to photograph a piece on my neck once... I had a really bad burn at the time from a flying twisted... You guessed it he took a close up of the burn!

Jennifer Cameron

Lynne~I had the same problem with the discs flopping. I used a silver Mykonos disc bead (they have holes big enough to fit over 14 g. wire) to stabilize them and it worked very well.

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