A Photo Essay

I am no photographer, but I have not been in a particularly chatty mood lately-partly I have nothing to say and partly because things have been a bit crazy since the ice storm hit early morning of Dec. 19th. We lost electricity for about 5 hours, but about half the city lost electricity for several days. There were shelters set up at high schools and in the coliseum.
My mom, her husband, my 18 year old sister and their 2 dogs were among those that lost power and came to stay with us Friday evening and then "moved out" Christmas Eve. It was fun to have them and I am glad we were able to provide a place for them to stay warm. The kids didn't want them to ever go home and Oscar (our 1 year old mini labradoodle) loves his grandma (my mom) more than anybody else. I think he'd rather live with her. Anyway, with unexpected house guests and Christmas gifts to shop for, wrap, etc, it was a tad crazy. Then the temps got crazy low (I didn't know the thermometer on my car could go down to -1!) and the wind was blowing so hard and our house was PELTED with ice from the trees in our yard. Nobody could sleep. That was the only time I was really scared. It sounded like our roof was going to cave in or our windows would shatter. But nothing happened. It was just very loud.
Despite being scared and frozen, I still went out several times to get pictures. Here are is a very small sampling. What I kept thinking about is the ice reminded me of encasing in glasswork. It's like nature's encasing in clear to magnify and beautify and add further mystery to our amazing Earth.
If you are wondering why the icicles are hanging sideways in the above photo, see the photo below. Both photos are the same tree. Two of our four Hawthornes are sideways. They are starting to go upright again and I am keeping my fingers crossed they will make it.
The following two photos were taken on the next sunny day after the storm. Look at that intense blue sky. What you can't see is that our entire world looked like it was dripping in diamonds. It was just dazzling. In spite of so many not having power, the roads being treacherous, and the temps bone chilling, I couldn't help but think of it as a gift. In fact, as we were driving around that day, I had a difficult time staying on the road because I couldn't keep my eyes off the stunning beauty surrounding us. I really wanted to share this gift with everyone, but photos do not even begin to show the awe inspiring scenes. It really is amazing that something so beautiful is so destructive.Notice some of the branches missing some ice? That's because that ice was pelted against our house.
The next two shots were taken the same day (22nd) but from our deck as the sun was setting.This one looks like it should be a scene of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.
So, here is DD Christmas Eve night, right after opening her present (pj's-it's a tradition!). She looks like she is singing. She has been singing "All I want for Christmas is my FIVE front teeth" all month.I won't bore you with family photos of Christmas, but I had to include DS and the dogs. The dogs each got gigantic rawhide bones for Christmas. Notice how they insist on chewing the same one and the other gets left to the side? They are so weird. Oscar is on the left and Nim (the 9 month Golden Retriever) is on the right.Notice how the bone is as big as Oscar? He weighs a whopping 17 pounds and I think the bone weighs about 16 pounds. LOL!I hope you have enjoyed time and laughter with your family and loved ones this week. Merry (late) Christmas!


David LaMorte

Thanks for putting up the great photos.

Jennifer Cameron

I am glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for visiting!

Four Tails Lampwork

What wonderful photos! L and I (my DS) loved the one of your DD -- you do know that in about 5 years she will kill you for posting it? Save it for blackmail purposes :) :) :) Seriously, thanks for sharing.

Cindy Gimbrone

Hi Jennifer,Ice storms are bad for people but terrific for photography! The picture of the red berries coated in ice is stunning. It looks like glass - but then I would think that wouldn't I? Wink!Cindy

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson

Hi Jennifer,Your photos are wonderful and I am enjoying not only the nature ones, but your children and of course, Oscar.Marcy

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks for stopping by! We just got done celebrating the last Christmas get together for the year and also my mom's birthday. Poor thing has her birthday 2 days after Christmas.I am glad you are enjoying the photos. Nature really is an awesome force and beauty. Four Tails~my dd saw I posted it after the fact and wasn't very happy about it. LOL!Cindy~our entire corner of the world looked like it was encased in glass and it was incredibly stunning. If it didn't do so much damage, I'd love to have it around more often.Marcy~Oscar is my baby. I just love that annoying little dog. He totally thinks he is bigger than all his dog friends...put together.

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