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My brain is fried. My time has not been my own the last couple weeks. As soon as we (FINALLY) close on the lake house (delayed twice so far...) and we get settled in, things will settle down and I'll have time to show you some new work. In the meantime, here are a few random Instagram'd photos I've taken the last week or so. This might become a regular post because I am having so much fun with it. Sitting on the back "patio" at the lake house

Lake James Indiana

The girl child sitting on the patio, playing with her favorite toy (iPod)

Girl child by Jennifer Cameron

Moonrise over the lake

Moon over Lake James Indiana by Jennifer Cameron

Dinner made by awesome husband (filet mignon with excellent spice rub, coconut crusted shrimp with ginger sauce, asparagus, and potatoes.


New bridge that just opened. The construction of this bridge caused mega hassle to get downtown.

MLK Bridge fort wayne Indiana by Jennifer Cameron


Fog near Avilla Indiana by Jennifer Cameron

  Since downloading Instagram, I have found and used a couple Instagram related apps that I just love. The first is Postagram. You use it to create a post card with one of your Instagram photos. You add a short message, who you want it sent to, pay 99 cents, and voila! The recipient receives a postcard within a week. I've been using it to send postcards to hubby's grandparents in Florida. It's so much easier than getting a card, printing a photo, addressing and putting a stamp on it. Once my account was set up, it literally took 1-2 minutes to make a postcard and hit send. The grandparents are thrilled to get 1 or 2 photo postcards a week, and it is exactly zero hassle. If you use this link to Postagram, you can try one postcard free (and in full disclosure, I will get to send one free too, so we both win). It works with iPhone, Android, or even just do it on the computer if that's where all your photos are. The other Instagram app I'm loving is Postal Pix. Sign up for an account, upload the instagrams (or regular photos) you want to have printed, pay, then they are delivered to your mailbox. I placed an order for somewhere around 22 prints and paid $8.23, which included shipping. The prints are gorgeous. I will definitely order again.



I'm drooling over that dinner. How I wish I had a husband who knew how to cook :-)

My daughter's favorite toy is her iPod too, but she never uses the earbuds. My husband is kind of an audiophile, and the fact that she'll listen to music through the tiny little iPod speaker is enough to drive him up a wall!

I like that postcard idea. I kind of wish instagram wasn't a social media. I may just have to get over it, though, because that would be an awesome way to stay in touch with my parents, since I hate talking on the phone.


Cassi,you don't have to share any of your photos on social media. I am not sure if there is a way to keep others from seeing your photos on the app...I haven't looked into it. but I only have like 5 or 6 people who follow my instagram feed. I'm guessing if you don't follow others (I only follow a few people), not many people will follow yours :-) Now that I think of it (having a duh moment here...) you can share photos that aren't instagram, just upload from your iphone or android phone. You can even upload pics from your computer!


Well, you convinced me, and I sent my first postcard. Pretty cool :-)

Inge von Roos

I did it. What a great way to stay in touch with my elderly in-laws.

Inge von Roos

You don't need instagram to use postagram by the way. I used pictures already on my iphone.

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