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In no particular order... I snagged these gorgeous beads from Heather Powers. Not only are these the first I've owned, but it's the first time I've held her beads (gosh, that sounds kind of dirty...)

First time to see Humblebeads in person. And they're mine.

Gorgeous flowers hubs bought for our daughter after her final performance in a Spoof play of Harry Potter in which she played Moaning Myrtle, then also took on the role of Ginny Weasley for the final performance when "Ginny" couldn't make it. She had never practiced or learned the part and it involved her changing costume and hair 5 times. She earned these flowers

Flowers given to the actress after the final performance @livetodance2001

Pendant lights finally installed in the lake house kitchen

Island pendant lights

Sunrise the morning after our very first night staying at the lake house. No furniture. Yes, we slept on the floor. Because we like to "rough it" haha!

1st Morning at the Lake

The morning sun

Morning sun

How about a sunset too?

Amazing sunset at the lake tonight

The nail biter Colts game yesterday:

Go colts

Daughter volunteering at the Johnny Appleseed Festival for Windsong Pictures

Volunteering for Windsong pictures at the Johnny Appleseed Festival

I think of these as Amish action figures. But they are made of something like iron, are very heavy for their tiny size, and have zero articulating joints. I don't know why, but these make me kind of giggle a little bit.

Amish figures

I spent most of the time at Johnny Appleseed perusing the antique section of the festival. One of the booths had not one, but TWO of these buckets that look "vintage". What's wrong with this picture?

Brid bucket

I had to triple check to make sure I remembered how to spell bird correctly, because I was seriously thinking I had lost my mind. Knowing this was not an "antique," I looked at the bottom of the bucket...

Brid bucket tag

Hmmm..... I did buy a couple things at Johnny Appleseed, but will save those for another day. I've got big plans for them. Have a great Monday! I have jewelry and beads to make today.



Great pictures. I am a native Hoosier, though I have lived out west for 25 years it's always nice to see pictures of my old home.

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