Random Sunday

I am having a random kind of day and wanted to share random things over the last week or so. Some of these may have been a post by themselves. But let's face it. I stink at blogging every day due to time constraints. So, you lucky people get it all. at. once. Commentary will be short because I have things I want to get done before the big game the Colts are going to win tonight.
This sign was created by my 8 year old daughter because she noticed blue card stock in the pile while we made Valentines the other day and it is impossible for her to leave craft supplies alone. Oh, and because if she wasn't rooting for the Colts, we would probably have to disown her.
Arts United in Fort Wayne kicked off a fund drive by having a community mosaic. Meaning, people in the community could sign up for a 3'x3' wall space and create a piece of art with the theme of Arts Unite Us. It was free to participate and the kids did this for Art class. My son...he is very technical. He complained about having to do this because he claims he is not creative or artsy. This resulted in a pep talk about how map making is very artistic, his idea for Ft. Wayne having a subway is a way to unite the community due to ease of transportation, and probably the mayor (and possibly even the city council) would see it on display. He was on board after that.
Here they are at the Opening in front of their creations:
Jennifer Ledford of Tocadora Leather is a friend I met online and featured on Open Studio Friday. We did a trade. I sent her some beads, she made a cuff with one of my beads. Isn't it super awesome?
I've been working on knitting a pouch for my Kindle this week. I got the idea when my friend Carol Dean Sharpe mentioned she was sewing a pouch for hers. I loved the idea, but don't sew. I pretty much winged the design. It's mostly done now except for weaving in the the 5000 ends. Ugh! I am going to then felt it and sew a Lisa Peters button to it-assuming it shrinks to the right size because I didn't actually do a test swatch. If my engineer brother is reading this, he's probably about to have a fit. haha!
I finally added the button eyes to my the frog bag I knitted for my daughter. I started this bag December 30, and finished knitting it about two weeks ago. This is the most difficult thing I've ever knitted. Actually, it's the ONLY difficult thing I've ever knitted.
One day, I got a package from UPS I wasn't expecting, and this was in it! WhooHOOO! I won GLITTER!!!!
We got sproutage! We should be eating corn, peas, and sunflower seeds in no time! haha! See the puzzle pieces peeking out? They are growing these on top of the puzzle we've been working on. Guess that's put on hold for a while.
Making valentines for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. We got the addresses from the Any Soldier website. See the large pink heart? It is actually a scratch off made with 2 parts acrylic paint to 1 part liquid dish soap on the non sticky side of clear contact paper. Cool, right? You can find the project here.
Nothing says "let's go ride our scooters" like blowing snow!
I got a new lens Friday night that my sister in law recommended. I took a bunch of random photos trying to figure it out. I liked this one of my favorite child (yes, I have favorites. Whichever one lets me sleep the latest, talks back the least, and chews up less stuff. Oscar wins.)
Yesterday my husband got called in at 4am and didn't get home until 9pm. I got to shovel the driveway. Actually, I don't even care if our driveway gets shoveled because I drive a Suburban. A little bit of snow doesn't bother me! But I think it might be frowned upon by everyone else. So, while I shoveled about 3 tons of snow, all the male neighbors were out with their snowblowers. Hey! Thanks for the help, guys!
Here was the bright spot in all that. My daughter wrote "MOM" with her feet. I took a break to get the camera and take a photo.
I took some other snow day photos, and when I turned around, she was working on "I love you" awww!
Here's my least favorite child. She's as sweet as can be, but dumber than a box of rocks. Plus she's a kleptomaniac-she steals all our dirty clothes. The good news is we can find them easily because she piles them in the great room. The bad news is it's the great room, and the first room you see when you walk into our house. I took some pictures of her looking really pretty and regal. But this one is my favorite from yesterday:
The frog prince is buried!
While my son was skiing with the boys scouts yesterday in Michigan, the girl child and I went to my favorite place in Fort Wayne. DeBrand. Best chocolate in the entire world. Really. I should know because I eat a lot of it ;o)
The family wants to get me the "I Have OCD" shirt. OCD stands for Obsessive Chocolate Desire.
The look I get about 500 times a day. This time I got it because I took a camera out of my bag. bwahahaha!
This is why we had a mother daughter trip to DeBrand-vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate fudge, raspberry sauce, dark chocolate bowl and pure bliss:
Hope you all have a great week!


Ginga Squid

Oh I know that look so well!!!!!

Carol Dean

what a great post, Jen! :DAbout your kindle piece...cut yourself something the size of your kindle out of cardboard, cover that with a plastic ziploc or plastic wrap (to protect from water) and the felt the cover in your sink a little (so you can control the shrinking process) and let it dry on your "template" ;)


I loved every bit of this post Jen! The "Mom" in the snow was the best though! Thanks for sharing it! :)


So, do you love your new lens? All the pics are great but may favorite is the one of my favorite dessert :)

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks everyone. Carol~great tip! Thanks for sharing it.Melissa~I am still trying to get used to it. I suppose it would help if I actually maybe read something about it. I notice it works better if I change the settings from what I usually use with my "go to" lens.


For someone who doesn't knit much that frog bag looks great! I'm currently knitting the front and sleeves of a sweater that my mother abandoned about 5 years ago...., after she couldn't see well enough to knit.... The pattern on the front is turning out to be a real pain! Should be done in time for her 87th birthday!

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