A Raven Themed Reveal

Over at Art Jewelry Elements, we decided to try something new this year with a quarterly theme open to all component makers and jewelry designers. In March, Jenny hosted a hare theme and in June I hosted a firefly theme. For October, Karen decided on ravens as the theme

I wanted to try to make a raven in glass, and since the wildly talented and super nice Kerri Fuhr sells a raven tutorial in her shop (among MANY other lampwork tutorials), I wanted to try it. I've taken a class with Kerri before, and she is very generous with her knowledge. This tutorial is no different. 

With my class load and family responsibilities, I only had time to attempt it once, which you can see below. It looks more like a chicken with a swan neck, but I know a few issues I had and will adjust when I attempt it again. 


Here's one of Kerri's beads so you can see what it's SUPPOSED to look like. If you want to shop for beads made by Kerri, I think she mostly sells them on Facebook auction groups, but she posts pics and links on her Facebook business page

I recently learned how to do bead embroidery from Jenny Davies-Reazor during an art retreat I hosted at my lake house. I also acquired what is technically a crow cab, but which I am calling a raven. Because I can. I got the bezel finished pretty quickly, but then came to a screeching halt when I wasn't happy with any of my bead selections to continue.

Then I ordered a ton of czech glass flowers and leaves and started back up. Yesterday. Because the reveal is today. And because I had a kazillion other things that had to be done yesterday and beading is better than all of that stuff. 

And here's where I currently sit with this WIP. 

I'm hoping to finish it today, but since I have to take my daughter shopping to get something that looks like Wednesday Addams for her costume tonight then deal with other Halloween related stuff, it probably won't happen. 

This is a blog hop, and you are going to see some WAY better raven themed stuff than what I attempted. Go take a look at what other talented people made:

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I think they're both fantastic, the bead has a Celtic feel to it and the embroidery is looking amazing, looking forward to seeing that finished!


... spice of life. I am loving the variety of beads surrounding the bezel. Pulling out the purples, and adding the iridescence that my glazes don't give.. And I am proud/thrilled that you are liking the bead embroidery. As to your raven bead - I kinda like it. I see the neck, but you are so so close. More?

Lesley Watt

I like your bird too - it's like he'd doing some primal moon dance or something. The beadwork is looking great too...gorgeous bead selection.


I think your raven lampie was great for the first go around. Keep him and then keep going. When you compare to this first attempt, you'll see growth, but you'll also see that you were def on the right track the first time. I love the addition of the flowers in the embroidery. Really pulls out the colors. Look forward to seeing its completion.

Sarajo Wentling

I love that you tried Kerri's raven tutorial! She might be the first bead artist that I started following and I've always wanted one of her ravens. I wish she still sold sets in her shop. I love where you are going with your bead embroidered piece too!


I can not believe the talent you have with glass sometimes you are too hard on yourself.

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