Rejects make me mad, but bring joy to others

Reject bead used for gifted necklace jen cameron

Conversation with my mom (who is the power of attorney for one of the residents at the nursing home where she works): Mom: I was wondering if you could make a necklace for Jane* with one of your reject beads. Nothing fancy. Me: I'm offended you think I ever make ugly beads! Mom: That's not what I was saying. Me: I'm pretty sure that is what you are saying. Mom: I know you make beads that, for whatever reason, aren't good enough by your standards. I know Jane* would love to have a necklace made with one. Me: As long as you don't tell anyone I made it.... I just happened to have one sitting on the kitchen counter right next to me as we were having this conversation. And while I said I didn't want anyone to know I made it (people, I HATE this bead!), here it is in all it's fugliness. I used 16 g bronze wire to make the headpin, used a crystal...I don't know what its called because I bought them forever ago. Because the resident is elderly, I simply strung the pendant on a length of leather long enough to slip over her head. Mom will be giving it to her this afternoon. Based on the stories I've heard about her, she will be overjoyed to receive it...which is better than that ugliness hiding at the bottom of a drawer. *not her real name



This post reminds me that the saying "Everyone is their own worst critic." holds true. I know that when I'm in the end of a project be it jewellery or sewing I always notice the tiny mistakes I've made along the way and can't help but feel a bit down and even though everone says it's gorgeous and a perfect fit, I'll always know I got the wire wrap on tha briolette a bit off ar the wonky seam on the lining in a jacket...


And beauty is definitely in the eye of the b.eholder. I love that bead

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