Show Prep in Progress

Good morning friends! I was thinking about my blog yesterday. It feels like I've been neglecting a good friend for no particular reason. However, as I thought more on it, I realized that my blog is sort of like my journal...except I don't share every boring mundane detail of my life. And I certainly don't share the more juicy details. The fact is, my history with journals is rather bleak. I write in a journal for a day or two, only to give it up because it is so tedious. Not that I think of my blog as's just not the biggest priority these days. Anyway...all that rambling to say hello, I'm still here, and I do want to write. However, I am concentrating on prepping for the only show I've signed up for so far this year. I really haven't prepped at all so far....which is kind of bad because it starts exactly 4 weeks from today...LOADS of time. bwahaha! So for some odd reason I spent what felt like hours making yellow and clear twisted cane. And I don't really like yellow...

yellow and clear twisted cane jen cameron glass addictions

I am heading to the studio in a few minutes to make beads. Last night's bead making was dismal. DISMAL. I got the 3 beads out of the kiln this morning hoping for a miracle. One bead (upper left in the photo below) gave me fits for about an hour before I finally threw it into the kiln and gave up.

lampwork beads straight from the kiln jen cameron glass addictions

  Unfortunately I will probably not be adding any new products to my shop until after the show. I will probably want to hoard all my beads to use in jewelry. This particular show does not "allow" me to sell my lampwork beads loose. However, if you attend (Indiana Artisan at the Indiana State fairgrounds the 1st weekend in April), I will keep a stash of lampwork beads behind the table if you are interested in purchasing beads for your own jewelry. Because it's kind of like having a secret club. I am spending more time on my Glass Addictions facebook page giving quick updates and sharing photos of my workdays. I would LOVE it if you stopped by, and said hello from time to time. Let me know what you want to chat about! This week I wrote up a blog post on Art Jewelry Elements about a very non traditional, visual method for making a business plan that I will be working on for the next month or two. If interested, ¬†stop by and have a peek.  


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