Show Recovery Period is Over (sort of...)

Has is really been a week since my last blog? Time really flies when you are totally stressed out!The Indiana Art Fair was a huge success. The museum has gobs of helpers for assistance from car to booth and then at the end from booth to car. It was such luxury to have that kind of help-and with smiles too! One of the gentlemen that helped me unload my car when I set up Friday came back to see it set up and chat with me on Saturday.There was also a reception for the Indiana Artisans Saturday evening that was wonderful. We got to chat, eat yummy cheesecake, and see the amazing job the museum did with the Off The Walls Exhibit (that will be running until the middle of June). What an incredibly talented and diverse group!I also have to give a well deserved shout-out to my friends Jennifer and Ron. They let me and my 7 year old daughter crash at their house, fed us, watched my daughter while I was gone most of the weekend, AND Jen helped me at my booth most of Saturday and then showed up at the end of the show Sunday to help me tear down and pack up.My booth was situated between two of my ISLAGA buddies: Julie Miller and Fran Carrico (website coming soon!). They both do beautiful work and made the slow traffic times pass more quickly. We probably did a little too much chatting and laughing though...I was asked by a couple friends and family if I was concerned about having a booth between two other lampworkers. I can honestly say that no, I was not, for a couple reasons. First is that I am just as happy for their success as I would be for my own. My ISLAGA peeps are the best group of people you could ever know and I cheer them on every chance I can.Second is that all three of us have very different styles. In our small corner of the art fair, there should have theoretically been something for everyone.Third is we had so much more fun being together than if we had been seperate.I also got to meet a few other artists located near our booths. Andy Chen does beautiful photography and gave me a candy wrapper to sell on ebay. I am totally getting rich from that thing.My booth was across from fellow Indiana Artisan Teri Barnett who does the coolest paintings. I also got to meet a couple Lafayette girls: Sara Vanderkleed and Terri Duncan and can hardly wait to visit their gallery called Artists' Own when I am in Lafayette in a couple weeks for a class.I bought a painting from Terri Duncan at the art fair while she was packing up. It has a music theme and vibrant colors. Perfect for our great room that has the baby grand. I will post a photo of it once DH hangs it (or sooner if it takes too long!)Here's a photo of my booth. Sadly, I noticed the drooping skirt as I was bringing the camera down from my face. I fixed it then forgot to retake the picture. Oh well. I never can remember to take good photos of my booths.

I need to do some serious revamping of the set-up if I am going to continue to do shows. I am way too short for this set-up and can barely see people when I am standing behind the table. Most of the display props were bought clearanced at various stores because I didn't want to spend lots of money if I decided not to continue doing shows.



Looks great jennifer! I like the height you have on the table. I struggle with the same thing, being short... so I like to stand when people are at my table and it's hard to see them around the lights and such. Glad you had fun at the show! So do you have things left over that you are going to list up now? ha ha I like to look at the goodies too! :)


Jennifer - Thank you for helping to make our event so special! I hope that you are able to attend next year. Joanna Hahn

Jennifer Cameron

I wore heels (VERY briefly-OUCH!) and was still too short. I stood pretty much the entire time, even with no traffic because I would fuss with the set-up as I had empty spaces. I also have my table on bed risers for even more height. I want people to be able to see everything without bending over. I would love to list what I have left, but I am thinking it will probably have to wait until next week. We have family coming in Friday, I am throwing a baby shower Saturday, then my SIL is having the baby Sunday. My house has been neglected for weeks now. It's NOT pretty and I've got LOTS of work to do. So, maybe I will list stuff Sunday night. We'll see.

Jennifer Cameron

Hi Joanna! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really did enjoy the art fair. It was beautifully put together and I had fun (once I was all set up and not stressing out having enough product), which is the most important part of doing shows to me.


Jennifer,Thank you for your comments. It is nice to know that artists appreciate the wok we do at the museum coordinating volunteers to help with the load-in and load-out effort. I'm glad the fair went well for you. I hope you will be back next year.Marcus Harshaw-Indiana Art Fair Assistant

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks for all the hard work Marcus! I enjoyed your exuberant "good mornings" even if I wasn't feeling too exuberant myself. Definitely NOT a morning person. HA!

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