Skeletons in the Studio-Special Edition Open Studio Friday

I am completely obsessed with organization. I will share the secret of why. See this photo? This is what the jewelry making area of my workspace looked like a couple weeks ago when I decided to clean it. (by the way, my "use the muse" piece was in the shot if you notice the weird white blurry spot. I wanted to make sure no one could see the muse.)Here's the routine. I organize everying. I make sure everything is labeled. Then I work on a piece or two or ten. Then I add a kitchen towel or paper towel on top of the previous mess and work on top of that. This may continue several layers deep until I can't find a single thing I need to complete a piece. Or it continues until I completely avoid the jewelry making area altogether. See the pile on the far left of the photo? The rectifier I use for electroforming is buried under that mess. Hmmm...wonder why I haven't electroformed anything?Here's a photo inside the cabinet directly above the rectifier with all my electroforming supplies on the top shelf, ready to be used. By the way, I am 5'2". I can't even reach the electroforming supply shelf. No wonder I don't bother to dig the rectifier out.Here's the cabinet directly underneath the jewely workspace with all my non lampwork beads and findings boxes. Nicely stacked and labled. I should have taken a before shot. This was after I put them away. This cabinet was completely empty, boxes open and scattered all over the floor, other counter tops, chair, etc. The thing to keep in mind is this photo was taken after I started making more jewelry again. It should have a few more boxes in there...
Another reason I was compelled to clean was my 8 year old daughter wanted to play with polymer clay while I was working in the studio. That would require me taking a shovel to the area where I play with PMC. Yes, I never clean up after myself. I am worse than a kid. I didn't take a before photo of that either.
However, I did take a photo of a couple (no, not all of them...that would just be plain embarrasing!) of the drawers where I store my pmc toys. I don't actually do scrapbooking, but they have some of the most awesome toys ever! I have a serious rubber stamp addiction, but don't actually use them with ink...except on VERY special occasions.
A 2nd drawer overflowing with texture sheets, clear rubber stamps, cutters, and so many goodies I don't even know what I have! Most of these stamps and cutters were laying out on the counter when I promised my daughter I would clear a spot for her. That was an ALL DAY project...
Here is my jewelry workspace today. I just took this photo and am still on the first layer in spite of making a few things since cleaning up.
I was tumbling some finished pieces in our family room yesterday. My husband asks me why the tumbler isn't in my studio. was in the same area as my former PMC area which has been taken over by our daughter's polymer clay. Here is her workspace. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...



This almost relieves me. I'm in a one-bedroom apartment. My jewelry stuff can be either put away, need, not at all being used, or eating up my coffee table and couch. There is no between stage.


Jen, I'm happy to see this mess... it just means that you are diligently creating beautiful things. You've been very busy lately! I wish I had as much room as you do to spread out... but I think that might tempt me to become VERY lazy in cleaning up! :)

Ginga Squid

Phew - you are normal! Like those rubber stamps!


I'm happy to see this post too. I, like Jaclyn, live in a one bedroom apartment AND besides beading, I sew, crochet, digital scrapbook and tinker in scrapbooking. I canNOT keep my apartment from looking like a disaster area.

Flame Crazy (Cherine Perrin)

Jen, you are a brave girl. My studio is just as messy at the moment but I am way to chicken to show it. I love that your daughter is creative too. Just a few more years and you can teach her to melt glass too!

Carol Dean

LOL Why does all of this ring so familiar :) *hugs* I can't stop giggling.

Jennifer Cameron

Jaclyn and Joyce~I feel your pain! I've lived in a 1 bedroom apt. before. Luckily at that point I hadn't developed any interests that took up large amounts of space ;o)

Jennifer Cameron

Kristen~I think you described me to a T! Very lazy cleaning up (until I can't stand it another moment...)Vicky~were you worried? LOL!

Jennifer Cameron

Cherine~I think most crafters relate to other messy crafters. It's the tidy ones you gotta watch out for! Besides, showing the mess once in a while is liberating ;o)Carol~you are too funny. I have NO idea what you're talking about....LOL!

Kim V

I am sitting here with my first cup of coffee laughing hysterically! Look to my those same piles of jewelry pieces in process and supplies. Look at the computer desk, yup, disarray. Look to my left...relatively empty....but that's the doorway out of the house. Thank you for showing me "It's OK" :-)


Ahhh...the life of an artist!

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