A Sneak Peek

For some strange reason I was on a total chainmaille kick last week. I have 2 bracelets almost complete. I need to make special lampwork beads for the Jen Pind's bracelet (not pictured). But here is the the Half Persian 4 in 1. It's not quite complete because I am not happy with the clasp and have been turning over ideas in my mind to fix it. I need it to look good AND make the last ring of the bracelet stable. This clasp looks GREAT, but I think it's too difficult to clasp onto the correct ring (the last silver one). I am also going to patina and tumble it. I don't like the shiny copper for this one.

The next photo is a very small chunk of a project I am working on. I love these little "flowers" but the last ring is a bugger to close and I keep mangling them. You will just have to wait and see what I've got planned for these, but if it turns out even close to how my mind imagines it, it is going to be a stunning piece!

I hope you all had a great weekend. My 10 year old guy was very sick with the flu all weekend and I spent most of the time nursing him back to health. Hopefully he feels much better tomorrow. The only good thing is he was cuddly and wanted his mom. I don't expect many more of those days in the future.



Jennifer, your chain maille looks fabulous! Hope your little guy feels better soon. Funny, I was shopping on Rio Grande over the weekend and think I put that clasp in my cart! It has a very sleek look to it, and your bracelet is great.


This looks lovely! Can't wait to see what you're planning with the flowers!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks for the nice comments! The bracelet just needs LOS, and I've got 6 flowers done and unsure how many more to go.

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