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Confession time...I don't like to wear jewelry. Shhhh! DON'T TELL ANYONE!!!! However, I know the importance of using oneself as a billboard if you create jewelry and try to sell it. So when I dropped this beloved bead (titled Nightmare Insomnia and the Atom Smasher) on my CERAMIC TILE floor, it was no longer saleable, but still OK for me to wear.
--->Note to current and future really does not like ceramic tile or concrete (I know, SHOCKING!). However, a properly annealed bead will bounce and not shatter, but will probably sustain small nicks.
I couldn't think of a design that would be good for me to wear without wanting to toss it across the room after a few minutes, but still looked fabulous enough to be good "advertising". Along came a new shop called Cahootz which is the dream team of Robin Koza (you will also know her as the owner of Glass Diversions ) and Carol Watson of In The Woods Designs. They feature the most luscious hand dyed silk ribbon, end caps for viking knit, sections of viking knit for those that don't want to make it themselves, and beautiful handmade fused silver links. I ended up with the most gorgeous Berry Vine ribbon so I could wear this bead as simple as possible to fit with my everyday casual style.
This necklace is super easy to make. After stringing the pendant onto the ribbon, make a coil of silver wire (about 20 g. or so) on a 1/8" mandrel and thread each end of ribbon through the coil in opposite directions. Then bend, curl, twist and hammer simple little sterling silver charms and tie them to each end. You can adjust to any size necklace for any type of neckline and have sassy little charms hanging down the back. You could also substitute coordinating lampwork beads like this one here


Kim V

Beautiful necklace!!


I have porcelain tile in my kitchen too... true test of good beads! I've dropped many pieces myself and it's not fun. But most do bounce! :) You're right about that! Love that necklace, it's good to keep things once in a while. I do too! :)

Robin Koza - Posh Elements

Thanks Jen!! Your bead goes perfect with our ribbons. I'm so glad you like them. :) We'll be dying more colors in the next week or stay tuned for more lucious colors.

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks ladies! Even though I should keep things, I never do because I just don't wear it. But I will definetly wear this. I don't even notice it while it's on.And Robin, I can hardly wait to see what else you've got cooking. I am thinking you need to make ribbons to coordinate with certain frit blends and then tell the rest of us which ribbon goes with which frit blend ;-)

glassbead, isinglass design

Lovely necklace and bead. I know what you mean about not wearing jewelry. All of the pieces I wear are damaged!

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners®

I LOVE this BEAD!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The ribbon goes perfectly too. LIke you, I don't wear jewelry either much (sh, don't tell!). I wasn't allowed to wear any in massage school, not even my wedding ring and am so used to not wearing it now. I need to change that LOL

Jennifer Cameron

Isn't that funny? It seems like several people that make jewelry don't wear it. I used to wear it more when I was a teen, but then I worked as a scrub in surgery for about 10 years and there was no jewelry or perfume allowed. Then as a SAHM, who wants babies tugging on earrings and necklaces? Old habits die hard I guess.

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