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A couple months ago I was trying to problem solve, in writing, how to set up a 2nd studio at our lake house that didn't cost a ridiculous amount of money or drive me to drink.

Making jewelry at the kitchen table of lake house

I am slooooowly working through that problem, but I might still drink anyway. Just because I love a glass or 2 (or 3) of a good red wine. But I digress.... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]The "just in case hubs dies from heart surgery" party a few days before his surgery No, I didn't empty these bottles by myself. I definitely had help...[/caption] We spent all last week at the lake house. It was wonderful. However, I packed up a bag of tools and a couple things to work on. But guess what! I needed more. So I would drop my daughter off at school everyday (her school is about halfway between the lake house and our "city" house) and head back home to work in my studio. Plus grab more things to take to the lake. It was getting ridiculous. After a couple days of this, I thought to myself, "this is really @$%*!^# stupid. I have money in the business account, I'm at least going to buy the basic tools I need." So I placed an order that day. It's difficult to decide what is truly basic, and what is stuff you just want. So I considered what tools I use the absolute most. I considered if I REALLY need to have 2 sets of Lindstrom Rx pliers (no, but I really really love those things...) Most of all, I considered the budget. I needed to make sure the biz account was padded enough to pay all sales taxes for 2012, plus income taxes for 2012. I refuse to buy a 2nd set of tools using money from our personal account. I told my daughter, and warned my husband that there would be a box of shiny new tools coming and that Glass Addictions had bought itself a Christmas sanity. Here's what I got:

Traveling tools to keep at the lake house

And the why: Bronze wire sizes 16g, 18g, 20g, 22g, and 24g: I am currently OBSESSED with bronze wire. It's so beautiful when it's been heat treated. It is more expensive than copper or brass (which I like both of those too), but I only have a little bronze wire left, while I have LOTS of copper and brass still. Silver is cost prohibitive to have laying around. And I can more easily transport OUNCES of silver than POUNDS of bronze... Steel Bench block: for hammering metal. Which I do. A lot. Until I get some kind of a bench or huge tree stump or something, I will probably be hammering on the concrete garage floor..... Hammers: Chasing, brass, and dead blow. I have several hammers in my studio, but these get used the most. Flush cutters: One for finer wire in tight spaces, another for the heavier gauge wire. I will also add a hardware store wire cutter to the collection for things I want to cut, but will damage these cutters. Pliers: a German long nose round plier (the same one I always use in my studio. I love this tool for its versatility and durability. I hate the teensy round nose Lindstrom RX pliers I own that collect dust). A long slim line chain nose plier, flat nose, and a multi-stepped bailing plier. The pliers on the upper right are not basic tools. In fact, I've never even tried them before and were kind of an impulse buy (if you can call impulse constantly monitoring the shopping cart, deleting things because the total is too high...) Anyway, they are dimpling pliers and I can hardly wait to try them out. Not shown in the photo above is the Lenk LPT 500 torch I bought to keep at the lake house.

Lenk LPT 500

Also, I have a few duplicates in my studio that I can probably part an extra pair of Lindstrom Rx angled pliers. I have 2 on hand for chainmaille, but don't need to use two most of the time. I also took an extra enamel tray for working on from Jerry's Artorama. The trays are great for containing projects, or creating a surface appropriate for torching.



Loved seeing your essential tools! Much less frustrating having a set of basics at the lake house. I need a dead blow hammer. Do you mind sharing your source? Merry Christmas!


Sure! This time I got everything at Rio Grande

It was just easier and less expensive to order everything from them this time :-)


Thanks, Jenny. I will check it out. I'm going to remember that torch for when I'm ready to upgrade.

Sandi Volpe

Thanks for sharing, I have not tried bronze wire, but love the look!!!

Well, yes. I have this problem too. I think that I would like to be more conscious about those things I've already bought.

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