The Start of Summer

A blogger, I don't remember which one, asked the question "when do you know it's summer?" My first thought went to fireflies because we had taken a walk that evening and it was the first we had seen of them.However, I think I need to revise my answer. Summer is so many things. But you know for sure it is summer when you see this:
The last time I was at the mall (a place I avoid as much as possible!), I noticed there was an actual elephant ear place. There. In the mall. How weird is that? Who goes to the mall to buy an elephant ear? Elephant Ears are like pumpkins. They have a "season" and that season is summer outdoor events only. Who can resist fried dough, slathered in butter, cinnamon, and sugar? Not I! However, you will NOT see me making elephant ear runs to the mall. It would be like buying a pumpkin at the mall in March. Just plain wrong, I tell ya!
Where were we that we had the opportunity to buy the first elephant ears of the season? At a fireworks display of course. If we don't watch at least 15 displays leading up to Independence Day, then summer is probably ruined (for my husband).
Today felt like what summer is supposed to be. Shopping at an outdoor art fair, having a cook out with family, firefly catching, fireworks and elephant ears, coming home from a full day smelling like sunblock and bug spray.I hope you are all having a great weekend!



Oh my gosh, I have never heard of elephant ears! Seriously, I'm sure I've eaten them but that's not what they were called! LOL! I love fireworks too, they are my favorite thing! Someday I'd like to travel to see a REALLY good New Years Eve fireworks display! I'll just add it to my list of things to do! :)

Jennifer Cameron

You've really never heard of elephant ears?!?! That's horrible. They are large roundish flattish (thus elephant ear shaped and sized) fried dough, where they put butter cinnamon and sugar. Have anything like that? We have a couple left I can take a picture if you want.

Jen V.

Elephant ears at the mall is totally wrong!!! That's hilarious!! It's the same thing with funnel cakes for a Central PA girl like me. You can't eat them in cold weather and you certainly can't eat them indoors. haaaaaaaaa Love it!

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