State of the Studio

I've been avoiding the jewelry making area of my studio. Because it looked like this

The state of the studio

The above photo would probably be more effective if I had shot it from the perspective of standing there trying to actually create jewelry. My bead containers were stacked on the floor to get to things (and yes, I sit on the floor to use my drill press. Doesn't everybody?)

The state of the studio

Last night, at about 8pm, I suddenly couldn't take it another minute. I lost track of time until I suddenly felt so tired I didn't think I could lift another bead. It was 1:30am. Now it looks like this:

State of the studio part II

The bead containers are still spread all over the floor, but that's because I am painstakingly putting every bead that was piled on the bench, or thrown into a baggie or bowl, back where it belongs. So I can find them all again to pile them up somewhere else. One of the pitfalls of cleaning is finding unfinished projects you want to finish, or special beads you want to use immediately. It took a great deal of focus to avoid making new things. While making beads yesterday afternoon, I picked up my phone and shot a quick pic of what I see when the bead is in the flame. Of course, the difference is I am wearing special glasses that gets rid of the huge yellow flare you see in the photo.

My point of view at the torch

And while I would love to show you the final bead, it turned out very very ugly and would break the camera. Plus I would just be embarrassed that I made something so hideous.



What a transformation. Sorry you thought the bead was ugly, haven't you learned by now that others find your "ugly" beads pretty ? :)

Janet Cozzens

I know the frustration of having a work space that you cannot *work* in. I find myself with a work table, such as you have posted here, more times than not. I just get so carried away in the design aspects that I lose touch with the cleaning up after I create something.

I too have bead boxes stacked on the floor. I go to them whenever I want to find those *special* beads that I want to do something *special* with. Sometimes I get those projects done, but other times I get interrupted and those beads get set aside on my table. Other times, I find myself not creating what I had seen in my head and then I stop. The beads, or whatever it is that I was working with, gets laid aside again. All of these components soon *build up* leaving piles here and there of the things that I can't seem to get made into a piece of jewelry or put away once they are out.

My tools are another of my problem areas. I use them and I just keep getting them out and using more until I have them all stacked, one on top of the other, on the edge of my table. I just think creative people tend to be messy because they are constantly focused on the piece we are creating instead of the mess that we leave behind in creating it. Stopping to clean up is definitely not as fun as creating pieces of art. I think we all have to force the clean up aspects of our creative minds. Once we can't take it anymore, we stop and regroup. I am totally the same way.


Joyce~haha! NO!


I'm glad to know that I'm not alone with a mess work bench. Of course yours is clean now and mine...still a mess! And yes, I have stacks and piles on the floor too. Crazy!

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